Note: You may want sub Medical Treatment or find some way to heal yourself before you start this quest.

  1. KeySpeak to Darcy Churm at X:179 Y:281 in Eversun City. You'll need to pay him 10 gold to talk to him. He'll give you Churm's Secret Key to open his family treasure vault.
  2. Go to the Secret Storehouse Entrance, which can be found at X:422 Y:327 in the Inn Basement (down two sets of stairs, to an area with Pupu Presidents and Toxic Trunks).
  3. You have 40 minutes to complete the missions. The first part requires matching up 8 portals by clicking on them. For wrong answers, one tenth of your HP and MP will disappear.
    • Aqua -> Pond
    • Flame -> Mountain
    • Thunder -> Land
    • Wind -> Sky
  4. The next part will involve five elemental monsters (which look like original pets). You will choose your answers for the questions by physically attacking the element it is the answer to according to the Five Elements theory. The monsters will be attacking you as you answer these questions.
    • Defeating"
      • Earth beats Water
      • Fire beats Metal
      • Metal beats Wood
      • Water beats Fire
      • Wood beats Earth
    • Boosting:
      • Earth boosts Metal
      • Fire boosts Earth
      • Metal boosts Water
      • Water boosts Wood
      • Wood boosts Fire
    • When you get an answer right, the monster's HP will decrease by 10% and your HP will increase by 10%. If you answer incorrectly the monster's HP will increase by 5%.
  5. Mahogany BoxUpon answering all the questions properly and defeating the elements, you'll receive Churm's Chest. Bring it back to Darcy in Eversun City and receive your rewards.


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