1. To begin the quest, talk to Phoenix Artemis in Swan Lake Basin (X:216 Y:161). He will give you a Core of Sunbird.
  2. FIGHT: He will try show off the Heaven Spirit Spell, but it goes wrong. You will enter an instanced fight with Dead Adolf, Disease Lucifer, and Zombie Cain (all level 30 Shamans, Metal), which will all attack Phoenix Artemis. This must be soloed and they can hit rather hard, so bring a pet or heals with you.
  3. Being severely injured, he will give you Material List of Phoenix Pancrea. With this item, you must collect 10 Wisewood Saps from Withered Wisewood, 10 Zombie insanity from Man-Eating Zombie, and 10 Ivy Spirit Poison from Ivy Spirit. Ivy Spirits in World of Pandora's Box do not count.
  4. Upon collecting all the times, talk to Frost Lady in Copperhorn Mountain (X:297 Y:326) and she will make the Phoenix Pancrea.
  5. Return to Phoenix Artemis with the Phoenix Pancrea and receive your rewards.


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