Mission briefing: After being told that Roland Penn needed to be found, there was no further clues until it was revealed that the king of die-throwing in Collington, Stuart Stamp, knew the whereabouts of Roland Penn. A decision was made to pay him a visit.


  1. Find Stuart Stamp at X:284 Y:277 in Collington.
  2. You will be asked to gamble with Stuart Stamp. Each gamble is 200 gold. When you win, he will tell you where to find Roland Penn.
  3. Go to Quintuple Manor and speak to a Quintuple Manor Kid Wizard at X:187 Y:292. You are placed in a safe version of Quintuple Manor and asked to find three Granite Gadgets (level 10 non-elemental Thief), which look like Stubborn Stones. You have 30 minutes to complete this task. The Gadgets are at the following locations:
    1. Gadget 1: X:240 Y:281
    2. Gadget 2: X:121 Y:277
    3. Gadget 3: X:184 Y:144 (across the eastern bridge)
      Mysterious Components
  4. You must Pilfer or Pillage a Machine Part from each Granite Gadget. Make note of which part came from which Gadget because in the description of each Machine Part, a type of symbol will be mentioned. This symbol is important, as the Gadgets must be killed in this order:
    1. Slash-shaped symbol
    2. N-shaped symbol
    3. W-shaped symbol
  5. When you use a Machine Part, it will do a lot of damage to the Granite Gadget. If you have killed the Gadget in the correct order, a message saying Machine # is open! will appear. After killing all three machines, an exit circle will appear near the Granite Gadget you killed last. Enter the exit circle to finish the quest.


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