Little Ghost

Level 36
Job Musician
Element Metal Metal
Behavior Aggro if the player hits any monster
Capturable Unknown
Location Longstone Woods
Experience 6600
Fame None
Quests Ghost Powder Collection Mission
HP 7227
Physical Attack 205
Physical Defense 82
Accuracy 27
Evasion 27
Magic Attack 128
Magic Defense 103
Magic Accuracy 5
Magic Evasion 8
Drop Rate
Gold Coin 9%
Split Bamboo 11.5%
Scroll x8 7.5%
Lv6 Puppet Wood Spirits Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv11 Summer Solstice's Curse Scroll Recipe Unknown
Amethyst (D) Unknown
Recipe: Stone Crossbow
40 gold
Split Bamboo
Scroll x8
  • Note: drop rates based on 200 kills with moderate luck.
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