Longstone Woods

Map of Longstone Woods

The entrance to this area is located at X:696 Y:408 in Copperhorn Mountain. Entrance can be gained by completing the Mirror Quest or completing all of Bucky the Thief's quests.


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 73 60
Stupid Fish 82 65



See also Category:Longstone Woods monsters
Name Job Level Element
Ghost Shaman 38 Metal Metal
Little Ghost Musician 36 Metal Metal


Name Job Level Element
Senior Spookizen Blademaster 48 Water Water
War Wolf Fencer 43 Fire Fire


Longstone Woods NPC 2Charm Bracelet
X:86 Y:112
NPC 2Jade Anklet
X:186 Y:62
NPC 2Silver Hairband
X:75 Y:257
NPC = Recipe Pot     NPC 2 = Cannot be accessed by flying     Merchant = Merchant NPC
Recipe X Y
Charm Bracelet 86 112
Jade Anklet 186 62
Silver Hairband 75 257
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