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These quests can only be completed with your lover.

Note: If you get the error 'This mission is for lovers of X level or higher', and you already fulfill this condition, you may need to exit and re-enter the map (through a zone change, not by relogging) or land (if flying) to get these missions to work.

Lovers' Mission 1: The Passionate Admirer[]

Requirement: Lovers level 1 or above

  1. Elder Scroll.gif
    Speak to Angelo at X:354 Y:330 in Darkdale. Receive a Conjugal Coupon. Keep this coupon in your inventory during the Missions.
  2. FIGHT: Speak to Heather the Florist at X:395 Y:410 in Placid Plain. You will fight 4 level 25 Man-Eating Marigolds. Receive Red Rose after their defeat.
  3. Rose.gif
    Give the Red Rose to Angelo in Darkdale.

Title: Devoted Love

Lovers' Mission 2: The Devoted Couple[]

Requirement: Lovers level 2 or above

  1. Speak to Sonny at X:578 Y:490 in Swan Lake Basin. Receive a Farewell Letter. (Tip: The character who holds this Farewell Letter is able to see Cher in Eversun City.)
  2. Find Cher at X:110 Y:112 in Eversun City. Receive Cher's Handkerchief.
  3. FIGHT: Return to Sonny in Swan Lake Basin with Cher's Handkerchief. Fight 4 Shadow Killers (level 24 non-elemental Mercenary)

Title: Mutually Loved

Lovers' Mission 3: Everlasting[]

Requirement: Lovers level 3 or above

  1. FIGHT: Speak to Suzette at X:159 Y:381 in Blakatoa. You will fight Jasper, a level 35 non-elemental Wizard that can turn himself invisible and move around.

Title: Everlasting

Note: Can only be activated after 10:00 p.m. Mirror World Time. (If you get an error and have already tried rezoning/relogging, try to start the mission at 10:00 a.m. Mirror World Time. Some time sensitive missions have been found to be 12 hours off.)

Lovers' Mission 4: Eternal Love[]

Requirement: Lovers level 4 or above

  1. Speak to Cheech at X:162 Y:403 in Grassgreen Square.
  2. Heart-to-Heart.gif
    FIGHT: Go to Blakatoa and find Hugh at X:385 Y:526. Fight 3 Bandits (level 38 & 39 non-elemental Blademasters). Receive a Heart-Shaped Stone after defeating them.
  3. Return to Cheech in Grassgreen with the Stone.

Title: Loving Forever

Note: If Cheech says you need to be level 4 lovers or above and you are, you could try to skip that step and talk to Hugh.

Lovers' Mission 5: Love Has No Regrets[]

Requirement: Lovers level 5

  1. Neck Biter.gif
    Find Wanda at X:296 Y:465 in Giantwood Forest. Receive a Neck Biter.
  2. FIGHT: Speak to Nifel at X:245 Y:508 in East Sea Plain. Fight Wolf Beast (level 45 metal Fencer). After a cut scene, fight Giant Wolf Beast (level 47 metal Mercenary).

Title: Never Regretting