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Luck is supposed to have some effects on the player in three categories. The scale goes from Average (lowest with 0), Slight Luck (1), Moderate Luck (2), Strong Luck (3) and Super Luck (all values 4+), and changes according to the lunar calendar. This is different for everyone* , as it is set by the character's zodiac sign and birth date. Luck changes every 2 real world hours (at 00:00 in game time). Luck values can go beyond Super; there's just no term for such cases.

*Relationships are linked to the seed of luck you have, relatives will always have the same luck, rivals have the opposite luck.

Fighting Chance Fighting Chance:

  • Critical rate increased
  • Hit rate increased
  • Drop rates increased
  • Pilfer success increased

Fighting Chance can be modified with Fighting Luck Pill, Uber Fighting Luck Pill, Strawberry Choco Cake , Mysterious Snowball , the Merchant skill Strapped for Cash, or the titles Pupu Shooter Master and Starcrossed Lovers. Of these, Strawberry Choco Cake is the most powerful buff to fighting chance giving at least 9 (with average base luck, starcrossed lovers(-1), and a mysterious snowball buff(-4) you have super luck with strawberry choco cake)

Provider's Providence Provider's Providence:

Provider's Providence can be modified by equipping an Abacus, Badge of Fortune, Necklace of Commoner, or the title Treasure Hunter Master.

There have been several players who reported that Provider's Providence does not really change anything.

Luck in Love Luck in Love:

  • Fate lines
  • Frequency of Relationship skills appearing in combat
  • Enhances reflection success rate
  • Enhances modding success rate

Luck in Love can be modified by equipping a Love Guard , a Lover's Ring or the title Starcrossed Lovers.