MP Medicine Boost
Description Use MP healing medicine on yourself or another, restoring more MP than normal.
  • Can target yourself, your pet, a teammate, or a teammate's pet.
  • Can also heal Eggsploiter pets and trapped monsters.
  • Separate cooldown timer from normal use of MP medicine as an item.
Type Unknown Prerequisite skills None
Element None Equipment req. None
Cast time Unknown Item req. MP Recovery Item
Skill lv. Skill point Lv. req. MP Cooldown Items Effects
1 2 156601 Lesser Parietal Powder Restores 36 MP
2 2 2512551 Lesser Temporal Powder Restores 72 MP
3 2 3518501 Lesser Occipital Powder Restores 108 MP
4 2 4524451 Parietal Powder Restores 144 MP
5 2 5530401 Temporal Powder Restores 180 MP
6 2 6536351 Occipital Powder Restores 252 MP

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