Mai Golai

Race: Human
Gender: Male



Mai Golai is a Merchant NPC.

Costume DecompositionEdit

Mai Golai will turn unwanted permanent costumes (tradable and non-tradable) into Premium Silk that can be used in Equipment modification:

Note that there is no confirmation option, and the transformation starts immediately after player chooses the costume. Once the transformation has finished, the costume cannot be recovered.

Decompose Golden WeaponsEdit

Mai Golai will decompose your golden weapons for 5 Silver White Diamonds.

Platinum weapons (Levels 40,45,50) and gold statted weapons of any other kind will not be eligible for decomposure. It is only golden weapons from the list below.

Wardrobe Space ExpansionEdit

Mai Golai will initially sell you a Wardrobe Space Expanding Scroll I for 500,000 gold. He will sell the remaining six you can use for 1,000,000 gold.

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