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Mailbox is a NPC.

The Mailbox is used to send messages, items and gold to other players, regardless of their online status.

Inbox[edit | edit source]

Displays any unread messages you have.

Draft[edit | edit source]

Mail messages to other players. In the "To" field, you may choose from players you have mailed previously, your friends, guild, whisper target or type in a new name.

In the bottom right corner of the screen, there is a white field to send money and an orange field to send items. To send either of these will cost a postage fee of 10 gold (1000 gold in the GT version). There is also about an hour delay when sending a message with an attachment, as opposed to pure text messages which are received in less than a minute.

Sent messages are not saved.

Each message has a 30 days save time. If the receiver fails to read the message and to retrieve the item or gold attached to it, the message will bounce back to the original sender. The Mailbox will remove the message with its attachment from the system after 30 days if no action is taken.

Old[edit | edit source]

Displays messages that you have read, sorted by the sender's name in alphabetical order. These can be deleted.

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