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Martial Artist
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A Martial Artist has the greatest amount of HP, combined with the best recovery rate, allowing them to fight well without requiring medical attention from a doctor.

A Martial Artist also has good physical and magical defense, and can protect team members in dangerous areas from enemies of both the sword and magic-wielding variety. A Martial Artist has some offensive skills particularly effective against other players.

In an arena fighting other player characters, a Martial Artist can utilize their abilities to the full extreme.


The Martial Artists fights with their limbs, pursuing the goal of developing extreme physical potential. Without the protection of armor, they can move and dodge faster. The Martial Artists are good at close distance fighting, they use Qigong to assist in combat and enhance their body strength. Sometimes they fight with weapons like boxing gloves. The special training of the Martial Artists allows them to hang on longer before dying than other occupations and to wait for help.


Speak to the Martial Arts Master at the farm in Swan Lake Basin (X:619 Y:535). He will challenge you to survive one hit from his glove, which will be around 300 HP. If you survive, he will grant you the Martial Artist qualification and will transport you to the Dojo in Eversun City if you so desire.

Attributes and stats[]

Base attributes[]

The following values are gained by increasing one attribute by 10, recording the change in stat and dividing by 10 to obtain the result for one attribute point.

Attribute Base Bonus
Power 16
  • +2.4 Attack
  • Increases HP recovery
  • Increases block rate
  • +Non-linear HP
  • +1.9 Attack
  • +0.3 Defense
  • +0.1 Magic Defense
  • Increases MP recovery
  • +1.6 MP
  • +0.5 Magic Attack
  • +0.3 Magic Defense
  • Increases magic speed
  • Decreases cooling time
  • +1.0 Attack
  • +1.5 Evasion
  • +0.2 Magic Evasion
  • Increases critical-hit rate
  • +1.5 Accuracy
  • +0.2 Magic Attack
  • +0.3 Magic Accuracy
  • +0.1 Critical Attack
Durability 7
  • +1.0 Defense

Base stats[]

  • HP: 438
  • MP: 48
  • Attack: 71
  • Defense: 10
  • Evasion: 12
  • Accuracy: 10
  • Magic attack: 14
  • Magic defense: 10
  • Magic evasion: 2
  • Magic accuracy: 1
  • Critical attack: 1

Common builds[]

  • 2 Phy, 1 Agi [1]
  • 1 Agi, 1 Phy, 1 Dex to 20-28 then either 2 Agi, 1 Phy or 1 Agi, 2 Phy[1][2]
  • 2 Agi, 1 Phy
  • 1 Agi, 1 Phy, 1 Pow[1]
  • 3 Phy (Gloves)[3]


Weapon Proficiency (%)
Abacus 60
Axe 60
Baton 0
Bow 60
Boxing Glove 100
Dagger 70
Fan 50
Musical Instrument 50
Saber 70
Spear 70
Staff 100
Sword 70
Syringe 50
Wand 50

A Martial Artist is perfectly suited to using boxing gloves and staffs.

A Martial Artist is competent using swords, sabers, daggers, and spears. Other weapons aren't really suitable for this job.


Active set Power Attacks[]

Power Attacks are more suitable for martial artists concentrating on defense. They can cause dizziness, reduce attack power or bypass an enemy's defenses.

Power Attacks are not affected by attack power, unlike other offensive skills that are strengthened by physical attack power.

Penetrating Blow Penetrating Blow
An attack that can damage an enemy regardless of defense.
Far-Flung Fist Far-Flung Fist
A long-distance blow, made after building up force, that partially ignores the target's defense.
Armlock Armlock
Grabs the enemy's arm forcefully, reducing attack with a chance of disarming the enemy.
Smash and Grab Smash and Grab
Simultaneously attacks an enemy and snatches their weapon. Success rate 55%. User is vulnerable for a short while after use.
Flying Fist Flying Fist
An attack that inflicts damage from a distance.
Fortifying Force Fortifying Force
Concentrates the user's inner powers, temporarily increasing defense.
Seismic Shudder Seismic Shudder
Strikes the ground to inflict damage on surrounding enemies. User is vulnerable to attack for a short while after use.
Tranquil Turtle Tranquil Turtle
Absorbs magic power from the atmosphere, recovering HP periodically when standing still.
Knockout Knockout
Rush into the enemy at great speed, occasionally knocking them out for 10 seconds (3 seconds against other players).
Jawbreaker Jawbreaker
A fierce punch aimed at an enemy's jaw that has a chance of knocking them out for 22.5 seconds (1/5 against other players).

Active set Staff Attacks[]

These skills are suitable for Martial Artists concentrating on offense.

Many of the maneuvers in Staff Attacks have multiple hits. The damage of the extra hits is determined by the strength of the character's normal attack.

Coiled Serpent Staff Coiled Serpent Staff
Special attack using a staff.
Staff Dance Staff Dance
Moves staff in a captivating dance, causing damage to nearby enemies.
Swizzle Stick Swizzle Stick
An attack that inflicts damage from a distance by rapidly spinning a staff.
Dragon Guard Dragon Guard
Swings staff with incredible speed, causing great damage. Enemies closer to the user receive extra damage.
Cloudshaker Staff Cloudshaker Staff
A special staff attack that has a relatively long reach.
Staff Whip Staff Whip
Throws staff at the enemy at great speed, causing damage and stopping magic for 5 seconds.
Meditation (skill) Meditation (skill)
Concentrates force in the abdomen, increasing HP recovery and MP recovery when sitting down.
Channel Energy Channel Energy
Circulates force around the body, temporarily increasing maximum HP.
Elbow Elbow
A blow to the elbow that lowers attack and chance of reflecting skills.
Break Weapon Break Weapon
Attacks a target's weapon and stops them boosting their attack for 30 seconds. user is vulnerable to attack for a short while.

Passive set Martial Arts[]

These skills enable you to equip boxing gloves and staffs whilst in different jobs.

Equip Boxing Gloves Equip Boxing Gloves
The ability to equip boxing gloves.
Equip Staff Equip Staff
The ability to equip staff.
Boxing Gloves Mastery Boxing Gloves Mastery
Allows boxing gloves to be used regardless of job at % of their full strength.
Staff Mastery Staff Mastery
Allows staffs to be used regardless of job at % of their full strength.
Endless River Endless River
Increase HP Recovery received by *%. 1/2 effect for non-Martial Artist occupations.

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