Suggested level: 15

Mission given by: Master Exorcist

Repeatable: Yes

Mission briefing: The Master Exorcist in the city wants to get rid of the monsters inside the Farrell Family Crypt. He hopes that powerful fighters will join him and help collect items and fight monsters.


Speak to Master Exorcist at X:246 Y:323 in Eversun City. He'll want you to collect the following items:

When you have all of these items, visit Farrell Family Crypt. The Master Exorcist is located all the way at the bottom X:406 Y:90 (Sombre Zombie area). After giving him the items and the cutscene plays, you will have 20 minutes to defeat King Lazy Bones (level 20 Fencer, Metal, 35,854 HP) and two Sombre Zombies, which appear when King Lazy Bones is at 50% HP.


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