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Notes: Spawns after killing 285~300 Mystery Mice.
Vengeance Boss This is a Vengeance Boss.
System Announcement: The fluffy Mystery Mice who have been picked on ran to find help from the Mega Mystery Mouse. Cute, fluffy beatings will commence near Bird's Nest Shrine!
Mega Mystery Mouse

Mega Mystery Mouse

Level 48
Job Blademaster
Element Fire Fire
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Blakatoa
(X:618 Y:592)
Experience 19,000
Fame 239
Quests Unknown
HP 17,241
Physical Attack 383
Physical Defense 125
Accuracy 36
Evasion 36
Magic Attack 192
Magic Defense 67
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion -1
Drop Rate
Dreamstone x4 Unknown
Flying Pupu Coupon Unknown
Wild Pupu Coupon x4 Unknown
Sneakers Unknown
Dog Onyx (35~45, slot 1) Unknown
Onyx of Diligence (35~45, slot 1) Unknown
Onyx of Perseverance (35~45, slot 1) Unknown
Pig Onyx (35~45, slot 1) Unknown
Rooster Onyx (35~45, slot 1) Unknown
Lv7 Vines of Early Autumn Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv7 Puppet Prolong Life Scroll Recipe Unknown
Recipe: Tough Leather Boxing Gloves
Recipe: Dandy Dagger
Peeled Prawn