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Weapon Abacus
Active set Active

Trade Secrets (10)

Money Talks (8)
Passive set Passive Trading Skills (5)


Careers Advisor

A Merchant supports others by manufacturing goods, and can attack well if they have enough money to spend. For a Merchant, the greater their capital, the greater their power.

A Merchant has the ability to use medicine on team members, and can make special snacks for pets from ingredients collected from meditation. These snacks can strengthen a pet's elemental attributes.


Although they are not the most powerful warriors, Merchants know very well how to use magic spells to inflict damage and weaken their enemies. Being Merchants, they need to use their money to fight and create spells, so they must be ready to pay when the time for battle arrives… For them, the greater their capital, the greater their power.

Merchants can be good friends to have in a group when facing epic adventures, because they are able to support others by manufacturing goods and using medicine effectively on team members. They can also make snacks for pets, thus strengthening pets’ elemental attributes.

Aeria Games

Every player can hock [sic] their wares, but it's the Merchant who gets the most bang for their buck. With their trusty abacus in tow, a Merchant can calculate exactly what they need, improving luck for material gathering and item crafting. Their knowledge of exclusive trade secrets allows them access to manufacturing special goods and services available nowhere else, and they know how to put their money to work for them - by using it to deal damage and extort unsuspecting monsters! Best of all, as a player grows in the Merchant job, they can open up additional selling stall slots and rack up a break on city taxes! It may not seem like a class primed for the heat of battle, but there are many advantages awaiting those willing to walk the path of the Merchant.


Requirements: 10,000 gold, one random level 23 weapon

To obtain the merchant qualification, visit the Merchant Careers Advisor at X:163 Y:86 in Eversun City. He will require a fee of 10,000 gold to obtain an MBA and to return to him with a level 23 weapon of his choosing (Frosty Foil, Fiery Saber, Damp Dagger, Willow Leaf Bow, Smiley Syringe, Granite Gloves, Fine Feather Fan, Zither, Wispy Wand, Hair-Raising Halberd or Iron Staff). The Iron Hammer and Iron Abacus do not appear to be used in the qualification.

Note: Neither the gold nor the weapon will be returned.

Attributes and stats[]

Base attributes[]

The following values are gained by increasing one attribute by 10, recording the change in stat and dividing by 10 to obtain the result for one attribute point.

Attribute Base Bonus
Power 19
  • +2.0 Attack
  • Increases HP recovery
  • Increases block rate
  • +Non-linear HP
  • +1.0 Attack
  • +0.3 Defense
  • +0.1 Magic defense
  • Increases MP recovery
  • +1.9 MP
  • +0.5 Magic attack
  • +0.3 Magic defense
  • Increases magic speed
  • Decreases cooling time
  • +0.7 Attack
  • +1.3 Evasion
  • +0.3 Magic evasion
  • Increases critical-hit rate
  • +1.0 Attack
  • +1.5 Accuracy
  • +0.2 Magic attack
  • +0.3 Magic accuracy
  • +0.1 Critical attack
Durability 12
  • +1.0 Attack
  • +0.9 Defense

Notes: The above values may be rounded up. Alternatively, you can view the stat bonus table that used to be on the DomoCamp wiki.

Base stats[]

  • HP: 400
  • MP: 68
  • Attack: 74
  • Defense: 12
  • Evasion: 8
  • Accuracy: 9
  • Magic attack: 15
  • Magic defense: 16
  • Magic evasion: 1
  • Magic accuracy: 1
  • Critical attack: 1

Common builds[]

  • 1 Dex, 1 Dur, 1 Pow (Solo)[1][2]
  • 1 Dex, 2 Dur (Spear Mercenary sub)[2]
  • 2 Dex, 1 Dur
  • 2 Dex, 1 Pow
  • 2 Dura, 1 Pow
  • Tank build: 2 Dura 1 Agi or 2 Agi 1 Dura
  • Skillspam build: 2 Agi 1 Dex till 103 agi then pure Dex
  • Skillspam build(with hunter subbed) 2 agi 1 pow till 103 agi then pure pow


Weapon Proficiency (%)
Abacus 100
Axe 80
Baton 0
Bow 60
Boxing Glove 60
Dagger 70
Fan 60
Musical Instrument 60
Saber 70
Spear 60
Staff 60
Sword 70
Syringe 60
Wand 60

A Merchant is perfectly suited to using abacuses, and relatively competent with axes.

A Merchant is competent using swords, sabers, and daggers. Other weapons aren't really suitable for this job.


Active set Trade Secrets[]

These skills use money to make shields, prepare insurance or make snacks for pets using ingredients collected from meditation.

Trade secrets also includes the ability to use medicine effectively - a useful talent for jobs that rely on medicine.

HP Medicine Boost HP Medicine Boost
Increases healing effect to 50% when using HP healing medicine on team members or pets.
Make Metal Munchies Make Metal Munchies
Produces Metal Snack that gives pet attack/defense a metal attribute.
MP Medicine Boost MP Medicine Boost
Increases healing effect to 50% when using MP healing medicine on team members or pets.
Make Wood Munchies Make Wood Munchies
Produces Wood Snack that gives pet attack/defense a wood attribute.
Cash Withdrawal Cash Withdrawal
Cash withdrawal anytime, anywhere.
Make Earth Munchies Make Earth Munchies
Produces Earth Snack that gives pet attack/defense a earth attribute.
Construct Coin Shield Construct Coin Shield
Uses money to make a coin shield that improves physical and magical defense.
Make Water Munchies Make Water Munchies
Produces Water Snack that gives pet attack/defense a water attribute.
Underwrite Life Insurance Underwrite Life Insurance
Reduces experience loss from death. Expires in 4 hours, or upon death.
Make Fire Munchies Make Fire Munchies
Produces Fire Snack that gives pet attack/defense a fire attribute.

Active set Money Talks[]

These skills use money and the abacus to attack or weaken enemies.

The damage most of these skills inflict is improved by a better physical attack power, but a few attacks using money are not affected by physical attack power of Merchant.

Coin Toss Coin Toss
Attacks the target with coins. Receive an IOU if successful.
Blood Money Blood Money
Uses 5 IOUs to demand the enemy's life as payment.
Extortion Extortion
Uses an abacus to extort payments by force. Each successful hit yields gold. 3 IOU is used for each attack.
Bankeruption Bankeruption
An attack that inflicts damage for an amount of gold. Damage is capped.
Mathemattack Mathemattack
Flips coins and counts the heads as binary ones and tails as zeros to calculate damage. Higher levels get more heads.
Strapped for Cash Strapped for Cash
Strap money to yourself to attract spirits of ill fortune. Improves team members' fighting chance but lowers yours.
Money Rain Money Rain
Attacks enemies in the surrounding area, but wastes a lot of money.
Doubloon Discharge Doubloon Discharge
Make a doubloon from coins and throws it at the enemy. More effective if it hits the enemy in the head, face, hand, or foot.

Passive set Trading Skills[]

These skills let you equip abacuses whilst in different jobs.

Equip Abacus Equip Abacus
The ability to equip abacuses.
Abacus Mastery Abacus Mastery
Allows abacuses to be used regardless of job at % of their full strength.
Tax Break Tax Break
Reduces tax rate on stall.
Stall Upgrade Stall Upgrade
Number of stall slots increased.
Cash Windfall Cash Windfall
Increases fixed HP recovery cast by %. 1/2 effect for non-Merchant occupations.

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