Meru is an eggsploiter pet. She is based on a character of the same name in Xuanyuan Jian 5, a console game developed by Softstar. Meru is available from the Meru Lucky Box. She can also be available in Vanity pet form.


  • When summoned, the pet will match your level, up to level 40. She will always have full HP.
  • Her item use cooldown is one hour.
  • She automatically disappears after one hour. As the cooldown is also one hour, she can be instantly summoned after.
  • If you die, she dies, or you leave the map, she disappears and you will need to wait for the remainder of the hour long cooldown.
  • She cannot be healed or buffed with Pet Sounds, but may be healed with pet items (e.g. Pedigree Power, Bow-Wow HP Biscuit), or Merchant Skills' HP Medicine Boost.
  • Only her HP needs to be healed (Eggsploiters appear to have an infinite amount of MP).
  • Meru regularly speaks to you.


1 111567 21 2780 314775
2 121655 222934 325026
3 131752 233099 335289
4 141860 243269 345571
5 15 1968 253454 355864
6 162086 263649 36
7 17 2215 273855 376507
8 182349 284076 386851
9 192492 294307 397216
10 1285 202631 304533 407571


Meru Pet Egg
Skills for Meru are not listed when you mouseover the egg in the inventory. Her skills are all magic-based. She will usually attack with skills rather than normal hits.
Name Description
Insight "Can see enemy health and invisible enemies."
Casted on you. Same effect as Sneak Peek Lasts 2 minutes.
Exploding Poisonous Flower "Rose Flower Poison: The poisonous rose flower explodes to poison the enemy."
Single-target attack, and damage over time (-180 HP every 5 seconds at level 40). Lasts 30 seconds in PVP.
Falling Leaves "Attached Leaves: Leaves summoned by Meru that attach themselves to the enemy and make it hard to move."
Single-target attack and movement speed debuff. Lasts 10 seconds in PVP.
Dream of a Hundred Flowers "Summons a mass of flowers to spray the enemy with sleeping pollen."
Makes the target and those in a tiny radius fall asleep. Lasts 5 seconds in PVP.
Thorny Fruit Single-target attack.
Forest Whirlwind Special Skill (from the Pet menu, or by typing /petspecial). Area of Effect attack. Cooldown is 120 seconds (2 minutes).


Some of Meru's lines may be different depending on your character's race.

  • "How are you, Master. Do you need Meru to do anything for you?"
  • "Hey, Meru not know you! Why you summon Meru?"
  • "Maybe King Colette has a part-time job at a bar?"
  • "They say Meru must stay forty-nine days before Meru can go home!"
  • "Clever King's glasses look fun. Meru wants to try."
  • "The Chasm King looks really impressive! Meru wants to be Mirror King too."
  • "Monsters here are so cute. Not like the ones Meru saw before."
  • "Meru not be easily caught!"
  • "Meru not troubled by these rifraff!"
  • "You be enough to deal with this rifraff. Meru wants a break."
  • "Meru not know who brought Meru to this strange world."
  • "Meru be angry if Xuan V pirated."
  • "Meru in good mood today. Meru play with you."
  • "Big sister's tail is fun, Meru want a tail too."
  • "You can't fly? Sucks to be you"
  • "Unfair! How come you can fly with just two whiskers?"
  • "Big sister is such a hottie! Meru want a body like that too!"
  • After one hour, "Meru tired. Meru go rest. Good luck!"

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