For the monster, see Mirror Sprite.
Mirror Sprite

Mirror Sprite

NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Mirror Sprite Instance is located at (X:266 Y:223) in Academy of Mirrors, through a red crystal. The quest, The Demon Within, can be taken as an addition to the instance.


  • Defeat Mirror Sprite (691,311 HP).


Name Job Level Element
Mirror Sprite Thief 85 Non-Elemental
Sprite Double Thief 85 Non-Elemental


  • Mirror Sprite can spawn four clones of herself, called Sprite Doubles, after around a minute.
    • When this happens, she will strip all of your armor, making death very swift. It's important to be able to kill her before she spawns the Sprite Doubles.
  • Mirror Sprite can also change aggro patterns when she goes invisible. This is indicated through the General Chat message "Don't think I didn't notice you, [player name]!".


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