Mistress Ming
NPC Sylph Female 8

Race: Sylph
Gender: Female


Eastern Dragon Tower (X:82 Y:110)

  • Collect Mantra Mission
  • Defeat Dragon People Solider
  • Defeat Dragon People Instructor
  • Defeat Dragon People Master

Mistress Ming is a Quest NPC. She is located at X:82 Y:110 in Eastern Dragon Tower.

Level Requirement: 65

Collect Mantra MissionEdit

You will receive an item called Spirit Sensing Mugwort. With this item, you must obtain the following:

Keep in mind that the quests as recorded in game don't necessarily correspond with what has been stated above. The text is jumbled in game so use this page as reference.

These have an incredibly low drop rate, so patience is required. Once all three words have been gathered, you must head over to talk to the Strange Stone Altar at X:394 Y:63, on the third floor. It can be seen just before the Eastern Dragon Tower Secret Chamber. You will receive your rewards.


This quest is only doable once. When completed, you will unlock the rest of Mistress Ming's missions.

Kill Dragon People Soldier QuestEdit


Kill Dragon People Instructor QuestEdit


Kill Dragon People MasterEdit


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