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Mod Transfer Charm


Type Enchantment item
Category Tool
Description Transfers mod Levels from a weapon or armor to another piece of equipment.


  • Mod Transfer scrolls do NOT transfer the MOD STATS of an item. They only transfer the mod LEVELS. They transfer ALL THREE mod levels, and they will transfer even if the original equipment's mod levels are lower than the target's mod levels. The transfer will overwrite the target's mod levels. Equipment are NOT destroyed when transferring mod levels.
  • Mod Transfer Charms will only work when the original equipment and the target equipment require the same level of gems to mod. For example, you cannot transfer mod levels from a level 40 Devil's Robe to a level 70 Vulcanus Helm. You can, however, transfer mod levels from a level 75 Invincible Helm to a level 65 Narcissus Bangle.

Shop Unit Price 0g

Obtain from

Item Mall
  • 12999 SP for 1