Modeling consultant
NPC Sprite Male 3

Race: Sprite
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:209 Y:161)



Modeling consultant is a Merchant NPC.

This NPC makes players able to trade the old modeling weapons that were equipped as weapons to the new ones that are purely decorative and overwrite the player's current weapon look.

Players can also talk to him to change their 20/20 modded costume special effects between the default sparkles,and other effects that can be unlocked first.

List of special effects Edit

Effect Obtained from
Magic Scroll Effect Angel Wings
Magic Scroll Effect Gold Wings Achievement : Suit Devotee
Magic Scroll Effect Crimson Wings Achievement : Suit Collector
Magic Scroll Effect Glass Wings Item Mall : 2,000 SP
Magic Scroll Effect Cloud Wings Item Mall : 2,000 SP
Magic Scroll Effect Fire Wings Item Mall : 2,000 SP
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