Mysterious Antiquities is an instanced minigame where the player has to kill monsters in an instanced version of Giantwood Manor, in order to retrieve Mysterious Antiquities. You have to kill all the monsters to be able to enter the next stage. The instance is located in Eversun City (X:119 Y:260). This can be done up to 7 times everyday (counter is combinated with the number of time you do Challenge Grizzly Garrison ).

Level requirement : 60+
Can be made with a team

Stage 1 Monsters Edit

Stage 2 Monsters Edit

Stage 3 Monsters Edit


Monsters drop non tradeable Mysterious Antiquities Mysterious Antiquities, that don't disapear on map change. You can obtain thoses items while opening it :

Upon completing once, you will receive :

Chest box rewards :

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