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Mysterious Elder
Mysterious Elder

Race: Sylph
Gender: Male


Eversun City (190,283)


Abandoned Mortuary

Mysterious Elder is a Quest NPC.

Suggested level: 10~12

Mission given by: Mysterious Elder

Location: Eversun City (X:190 Y:283)

Mission briefing: The attacks by zombies from the mortuary have turned the place and its surroundings into a spooky area indeed. The Mysterious Elder asks you to investigate.


  1. Speak to the Mysterious Elder, located at X:190 Y:283 in Eversun City. He will give you a Mysterious Elder's Request and ask you to investigate the Mortuary, located in Eversun North.
  2. Find the Mortuary Minion at X:216 Y:157, inside the Eversun North Mortuary. Talk to him, but be aware of the zombies (and possibly vengeance boss Leech Lich) lurking in the Mortuary as they may attack you on sight.
  3. When the investigation is complete, report back to the Mysterious Elder. He will ask you to seek help from Master Exorcist.
  4. Speak to the Master Exorcist at X:246 Y:323, in front of the southeast Eversun Shrine. He will ask you to go to the Mortuary and bring back 10 Zombie Talisman and 10 Demonic Zombie Talisman which drop from Zombie and Demonic Zombie, respectively.
  5. Return to him when you have finished collecting them.
  6. The source of the power animating the corpses turns out to be a Leech Lich (Quest) that is located in front of the mansion past the Mortuary Minion. Do NOT mistake it for for the vengeful Leech Lich walking around in the mortuary. Once you are prepared to tackle it head to the position marked at your map. Based on your level you may want to ask some friends to help you just in case, but you should be able to finish it off by yourself. Talk to it in order to initiate the battle
  7. The Leech Lich (Quest) itself is not that hard, but it has quite some HP and can land some painful hits on you if you're not careful. Regardless, it should die soon. 12500 exp when the Leech is defeated.
  8. With the defeat of the Leech Lich (Quest) head back to Master Exorcist to report. After that you only need to talk to the Mysterious Elder to fully complete mission and gain access to the Inn basement (or a Commoner's Spring - see below) as reward. 30400 exp when turned in.


Note: If you complete this quest before completing the Mysterious Old Man's quest, you will gain access to the Inn Basement not the Spring.