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Noisy Snake

Noisy Snake

Level 54
Job Shaman
Element Water Water
Skill Sonic Wave
Behavior Aggro if the player hits monsters of the same type
Capturable Unknown
Location Dragon's Den
Experience 49,000
Fame None
Quests Unknown
HP 45,519
Physical Attack 278
Physical Defense 142
Accuracy 41
Evasion 41
Magic Attack 230
Magic Defense 98
Magic Accuracy 10
Magic Evasion 4
Drop Rate
Sharp Teeth Unknown
Iron Arrow x40 Unknown
Snake Skin Unknown
Snake Meat Unknown
Lv8 Puppet Prolong Life Scroll Recipe Unknown
Lv8 Vines of Early Autumn Scroll Recipe Unknown
Recipe: Well-Made Wand
60 Gold
Iron Arrow x40
Sharp Teeth