NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Northern Turtle Tower Secret Chamber instance is located at (X:687 Y:115) in Northern Turtle Tower, through a red crystal.

A harder version of this instance is the third floor of the Northern Turtle Lair.


  • Defeat Northern Turtle Legion Commander (838,306 HP).


Name Job Level Element
Northern Turtle Legion Commander Wizard 85 Water
Legion Turtle Egg Commoner 70 Water
Young Northern Turtle Legionary Commoner 70 Water


  • Northern Turtle Legion Commander can summon a random player to it sometimes, with a chance of stunning them.
  • Northern Turtle Legion Commander takes heavily reduced damage. Poisons are more effective against it.
  • Legion Turtle Eggs explode and poison all entities in range upon being killed, as well as spawning Young Northern Turtle Legionaries. The poison cannot be covered by Detox.
  • Northern Turtle Legion Commander will change aggro randomly when an egg is killed. This is shown in General chat with the message "[player name], you will pay for this!!!".
    • It will relentlessly go after the player it targets in General chat unless another egg is killed.
    • Use this opportunity to lure Northern Turtle Legion Commander to one of the eggs and kill the egg. Do not stay on top of them; just make sure it goes past each egg.


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