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Odd-Job Man
Odd-Job Man

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:180 Y:277)


Seeing through the Phoenix's plot

Odd-Job Man is a Quest NPC.

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Suggested level:

Mission given by: Odd-Job Man

Location: Eversun City (180,277)


Mission briefing:


  1. Talk to Odd-Job Man. He will inform you that the Innkeeper's Wife likes antiques.
  2. Fossil Ornament.gif Find Bobby Dazzler at X:179 Y:93. He will exchange an Antique for 5 Ancient Copper Coins.
  3. Sell the antique to the Innkeeper's Wife at X:166 Y:265, and she will give you a room for the night.
  4. Talk to Odd-Job Man. He will ask you to return at noon.
  5. Talk to Odd-Job Man at 12:00 in-game time. He will first ask you to deliver a meal to Fat Robin Love at the Eversun Outfitters (X:153 Y:217), and return with the empty lunch pail, within a 10 minute time limit.
  6. Return to Odd-Job Man. He will inform you of the goings-on below the Inn, and ask if you wish to accompany him to investigate. He asks you to pay 500 gold for the information, but eventually agrees to accept 250 gold in advance, and asks you to return at midnight.
  7. When you arrive, you find Odd-Job Man murdered. You are asked to identify the suspect.
  8. Follow Gordon the Cook into the Inn Basement. Locate him at X:215 Y:362.
  9. Team suggested. Gordon reveals himself to be the Phoenix. Fight: 6 Scarlet Spook.