Onyx of Finality-Fire Flaw


Type Weapon Onyx (in Onyx)
Category Tool
Level Weapon level limit: 10 ~ 100

Weapon level limit: 40 ~ 100
Weapon level limit: 60 ~ 100

Equipment Weapon
Description Suitable slot: 4

A stone carved with a mysterious rune.

Effects Under normal attack, there is a probability of 2%-6% of initiating [Flame Twister].
  • Activation occurs with the user's normal attacks.
  • Flame Twister is a single-target fire elemental attack.
  • If it has a 5% chance to activate, the attack will also recover the user's HP. If it has a 6% chance to activate, the attack will recover both of the user's HP and MP.
  • Damage dealt and the HP & MP recovered is stronger the higher leveled the onyx.

Obtain from

Obtained from Word Bingo (6%)
Dropped by Blazing Snake (* boss), Grape Glob (* boss)
Quest reward
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