Pandora's Grotto

Map of Pandora's Grotto

The entrance to this dungeon is located at X:255 Y:630 in Blakatoa.


Name X Y
Tough Guy 309 52
Benny Marshall 134 139
Sable Marshall 150 253


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Name Job Level Element Experience
Bandit Bow-Wow Thief 39 Fire Fire 7,500
Fugitive Commoner 42 Non-Elemental 23,200
Spider Specter Martial Artist 41 Earth Earth 8,250
War Wolf Fencer 43 Fire Fire 9,150
Weird Fugitive Commoner 42 Non-Elemental 23,200


Name Job Level Element
Final Felony Fugitive Blademaster 52 Non-Elemental


Recipe PotsEdit

Recipe X Y
Sheffield Steel Bracers 317 141
Sheffield Steel Shoes 217 195
Sheffield Steel Helmet 179 74
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