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Suba Games has revived DOMO!

Maintenance time: Tuesday 11 AM Eastern Standard Time (excluding holidays)

Latest update: April 19th, 2022 [1]

  • Added modded costume storage to the Wardrobe
  • Fixed sorcerer aoe's skills levels

Active events:

IC (International Chinese) Domo

Instructions on how to register and use English files with this version are here.

Maintenance time: Wednesday 9 AM to 3 PM China Standard Time (excluding holidays)

Suba Games patches

2022/03/08 [2]

  • Change made to Celestial accessories to make them useable only by level 60 and higher
  • Fixed the icon for Black Bodice

2022/02/15 [3]

  • Fix Chaos Giant Sword for being able to be stored in the Wardrobe
  • Change SE9 pet tokens for the normal serie instead of the cursed one
  • Fix SE9 pet to make them able to become Kings again
  • Fix : removed durability from Celestial Accessories
  • Fix : removed durability from Nimbus Cloud and make it able to be stored in the Wardrobe

2022/02/1 [4]

  • Minor bugs fix
  • New Celestial Accessories

2022/01/11 [5]

2021/12/29 [6]

  • New search function for Titles on the Title page of the Status GUI
  • New Christmas Pu King transform added to the Pupu Transformer scroll

2021/12/21 [7]

  • Changed Token of Clever King Buff to not canceleable
  • Changed Seizer's Palace : no more notification for rare prizes

2021/12/7 [8]

  • Madam Malachite lair now have a chest instead of a NPC for rewards
  • New vanity pet Lantern Pu
  • Item vault (dimensionnal pocket) maximal capacity increased up to 75 slots
  • Changed GM talk color to make them more readable

2021/11/30 [9]

  • Added Lantern Pu to the Pupu Transformer
  • Changed Mailbox prompt message
  • Removed Shura's ears display when equiped with Headdress of Dragon Horn
  • Added search function to the item vault

2021/11/23 [10]

  • Fix : Tier 3 quests points change now work properly
  • Fix : minor graphical bugs

2021/11/16 [11]

2021/11/9 [12]

  • Change made to Celestial necklaces stats

2021/11/2 [13]

  • Holy Purple Weapons have been renamed to Holy Purple II
  • Tier 3 quests points have been reworked. The 30 points rewarded are now split between all players in the team.Please note that the text announcing the reward can be unclear but the number of points rewarded is correct.
  • Added new Celestial necklaces boxes to the Item mall

2021/10/26 [14]

2021/10/19 [15]

2021/10/05 [16]

  • New achievements for reaching level 75 on each job
  • Fixed an Issue where pets could not be evolved at Pet Shop Paula

2021/09/28 [17]

  • Readded slay onyxes to Lightning Spirit Lair chests
  • True Trial Tower no longer gives a prompt asking if you want to enter the next floor
  • Skill Scroll descriptions have been significantly shortened
  • The search function in the Wardrobe menu is now case insensitive
  • Fix : S6 Ruby pet icon in the mini pet window.
  • Fix : Celestial Stick and Club Charms now properly display the correct icons
  • Fix : SE8 dragon eggs turning into SE7 dragons has been resolved
  • Fix : Ancient Rome Headdress (Fall) will now display properly on Male Sylphs
  • Fix : Lightning Spirit exchange NPC items no longer have the "cannot be traded after use" tag for the appropriate items
  • Fix : White Pig Dice Chest now properly gives a S1 Ox Onyx instead of a S3 Ox Onyx

2021/09/21 [18]

  • New Celestial Rings and Skill Charms/Demon Charms

2021/09/15 [19]

  • New search function added to the Wardrobe
  • New Bear ears, fox ears, cat ears, bunny ears now hide Female Shura ears when equipped, added new ears to the Item mall
  • New Lightning Spirit Exchange NPC and Lightning Spirit tokens
  • Removed Slay onyx from Lightning Spirit Lair raid, those are replaced by the Lightning Spirit tokens
  • Change : The second set of diamonds in the Lightning Spirit Lair raid are no longer non-tradable
  • Change : Yinglong exchange has been revamped on Eversun City and VIP Map (Exiled Title is only obtainable in the VIP Yinlong exchange)
  • Change : All SE/S/Kuku/Dragon pet boxes have been reworked
  • Change : some item stacks are increased up to 5,000
  • Add : Achievement for crafting True Mecha Fox (does not work on Mecha Fox V)
  • Add : Item Vault Expansion scroll descriptions have been updated to include how many you have already used
  • Fix : The suit set effects descriptions have been updated to reflect their new effects
  • Fix : An issue with the SE8 dragons showing up as SE7 dragons
  • Fix: An issue with the The True and Ultimate Golden Ox alchemy scrolls
  • Fix : White Pig Dice Chest now properly gives a S1 60~70 Ox Onyx
  • Fix : White Swan leg skin texture

2021/08/31 [20]

  • Onyx Refresh Stone are added to the Item mall
  • Astrological signs version of Phoenix Wings are added to the Item mall
  • New pet Golden Ox

2021/08/24 [21]

  • New Housing feature: If you own 200 furniture pieces in your personal residence, you now unlock the Dimensional Pocket feature, allowing you to access your Item Vault from anywhere
  • Item Vault Expansion Scrolls can be found in the Item mall
  • Fix : Frog Costume (M) no longer shows Frog Costume (F) on male sprites.
  • Fix : Peacock Yukata costumes now display the appropriate icon.
  • Permanent Vault Vortex and Interdimensional Mail Box are added to the Item mall

2021/08/17 [22]

  • Permanent PAS Earmuffs are added to the Item mall
  • New Popsicles modeling weapons are added to the Item mall

2021/08/03 [23]

2021/07/20 [24]

  • Raid Loot for all raids have been adjusted
  • Guild Girl now accept donation of multiples Guild Reputation Scroll
  • Attempting to equip a charm with the wrong level/job requirements no longer shows a clickable prompt. It will now show as red text
  • Removed the 5 minute timer on the NPC in Madam Malachite has been removed
  • Removed the "You are not authorized to take this item" message from most raids
  • Tigerman Vanity pet is now tradeable
  • The Avocado, Banana, Berries, Citrus, Coconut, Hawaii, Kiwi, Pineapple, and Watermelon Swimsuits (F) no longer have shoes
  • Fix : Begginer's Accessory level requirement (changed from 35 to 10)
  • Fix : Action bar pages will not change when locked

2021/07/13 [25]

  • Added new accessory Begginner's Accessory

2021/06/30 [26]

  • Fix : Goodie bags from GM Events have new the right amount of Event Stamps
  • Fix : Neptunus set issue with 4 equipments
  • Fix : Daily spending rewards

2021/06/24 [27]

2021/06/16 [28]

  • Change made on Cumulative Daily consumption rewards (Event Girl)

2021/06/09 [29]

  • Duck or Tigerman Vanity pets should no longer cancel the effects of another vanity pet summoned
  • Fireworks chests will now disappear after 5 minutes
  • Fix : Martial Ninja Costume appearance when a player is a male sprite
  • Fix : Phoenix IV pet should now have an icon when in the Item mall
  • Fix : An issue with the Mirror World Job Guide causing a crash when selecting a specific quest

2021/05/06 [30]

  • Event Statue Contractor experience bonus grid max bonus is now 50 million golds. A broadcast message is now send if you donate 1 million or more golds to the statue.
  • Team experience bonus grid max bonus is now 300% for 6 people.
  • System message when trying to change boss element is removed.


  • The Closed Beta Flag, Lovers Ring, and Indomitable Will items can now be stored in the wardrobe. * The max size limit of Pupu coupons and other mob drops has been increased to 5,000.
  • The shape and toggle of names in your hotbar will now also be locked when you choose to lock your hotbar.
  • The max friend size limit has been increased from 200 to 300.
  • The DOMO Anniversary title can now be obtained via Anniversary Gift Box.
  • The Dance With NPC Master and Wrong Response Master titles to their original values:
    • Def +63, M. Def +49 for the Dance With NPC Master title
    • Atk +91, M. Atk +56 for the Wrong Response Master title
  • Job Springs now show how many you have used, and how many you can still use. Example: Commoners Spring: (15/44)

  • Private Residences/Houses now have several new features:
    • By placing 10 or more furniture pieces in your Private Residence, you will gain access to the new Item Vault feature. The Item Vault allows you to store and take out any item within. You can access the Item Vault by talking to the statue in your Private Residence.
    • By placing 100 or more furniture pieces in your Private Residence, you will be able to enter your Private Residence from any of the four major cities (Eversun, Darkdale, Collington, Bigbeam City). * By placing 150 or more furniture pieces in your Private Residence, you will be able to store pets in your Item Vault without the need for Pet Hibernation boxes. Pets can be stored by choosing the "Store in vault" option while in your house, and having at least 150 or more furniture pieces in your Private Residence.
    • A N/T version of the residence space expanding scroll I can be purchased via the City Group Residence NPC for 1,000,000 gold each. You are still able to purchase the tradeable version of the scroll via the item mall.
    • Each floor you own in your private residence grants 5 extra slots to the Item Vault, up to a maximum of 15 items/pets. Items to expand the Item vault further will be added at a later date.
    • The two statues in your home have been renamed to "Residence Settings" and "Change Floors" respectively, to better reflect their functionalities.










  • Fixed : some NPC went with Chinese names and the Trader Girl was temporary unavailable last week.


  • DOMO anniversary title is available in the center of Eversun
  • Bugs : some NPC goes with Chinese names and the Trader Girl is temporary unavailable.


  • Alloy Plate requirements for Level 51+ weapons and armor have been halved


  • Attack Speed on Tianlong's Cloud has increased from 5% to 7%
  • Attack Speed on Suit Armor Any lvl Clothing Armor sets is increased to 6% for Uncommon, 8% at Rare and 10% at Legendary

Older patches: See Patch/Suba Games.

IC patches

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Older patches: See Patch/IC.

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