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'''Active events''':
'''Active events''':
*Halloween events ([[Kit-Cat's Candy]], [[Enchanted Pumpkins: Out of Control!]], [[Get That Saddle Back]], [[Halloween Delivery Operation]], [https://wiki2.gamer.com.tw/wiki.php?n=7437:萬聖節Party&ss=7437 Halloween Party instance] ([[Giantwood Manor]] 2F, X:427 Y:309) until Nov 14.
*[[Kit-Cat's Candy]], [[Enchanted Pumpkins: Out of Control!]], [[Get That Saddle Back]], [[Halloween Delivery Operation]], and [https://wiki2.gamer.com.tw/wiki.php?n=7437:萬聖節Party&ss=7437 Halloween Party instance] ([[Giantwood Manor]] 2F, X:427 Y:309) until Nov 14.

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Suba Games

Suba Games has revived DOMO!

Maintenance time: Monday 11 AM Eastern Standard Time (excluding holidays)

Latest update: October 9th, 2018:[1]

  • Fix : Mermaid's Harp can now be made
  • Whetstone Lion rank leaderboards now show names past rank 6
  • Couple of small fixes in the display of a couple of costumes

Active events:

IC (International Chinese) Domo

Instructions on how to register and use English files with this version are here.

Maintenance time: Wednesday 9 AM to 3 PM China Standard Time (excluding holidays)

Latest patch: October 18th, 2018

Active events:

Suba Games patches


  • Set Equipment should no longer be able to roll 3 stats (existing equipment with 2 or more of the same mod will reroll into something else automatically).
  • You Si Hai can now be completed without using a Mission EXP Bonus Card.
  • Madam Malachite Crystals have been increased.
  • Fix: Mermaid's Harp recipes now require the correct weapon.
  • Fix: Updated Normal and Rare Lock stone text descriptions.
  • Fix: SE13 Ruby riding animation has been fixed.
  • Fix: Yinlong's Inventory in the VIP Map has been updated to match the one in Eversun.


  • Seasonal Magic debuff effect when applied in PVP can no longer be cancelled by clicking them off
  • Fix: Bug that gives players duplicates of the same stat via the Refresh NPC
  • Fix: Seizer's Palace crash bug





  • Item mall: Moon Wolf pets, Elf Pet II, Moon Wolf & Elf pet upgrade alchemy scrolls, EXP Hot Spring Coupon


2018/06/18 [11]

  • Fix: Chest now appears in Western Tiger Lair
  • Level requirements to learn the highest level skills for Cataclysmic Converter and Agony Bug via Skill scrolls have been capped out at Level 75 and can now be used.

2018/06/04 [12]

2018/05/23: [13]

  • A relatively large Item mall adds the remaining Skill Scrolls in the game. Most of the level penalties have been adjusted to the ranges of level 71-75.

2018/05/07: [14]

  • Fix: Claiming Raid Loot should no longer unequip your items.
  • Fix: Item Mall level requirement notice has been updated.
  • Fix: Fortune Box and Fortune Voucher Descriptions have been updated.

2018/04/30: [15]

  • Fix: Crimson Wing recipe crash issue has been resolved
  • Fix: Jet Backpack displays properly on Male Sprites
  • Fix: Fixed issue where unicorns, True Unicorns and Ultimate unicorns couldn't be upgraded to flying mounts
  • Fix: Increased maximum amount that the vanity pet treasure box can hold so that it can hold all vanity pets
  • Fix: Increased the size of the White and Black Tiger pets
  • Fix: Legendary True Scrounger's Staff's icon displays properly
  • Fix: Made various localization changes to system and achievement text.

2018/03/28: [16]

  • Fix: Fixed bug where modding and upgrading requirements had doubled in a recent patch
  • Fix: Southern Vermillion Raid now correctly drops all items from its loot table
  • Fix: Western Tiger Raid now drops 30 gems, instead of just one
  • Fix: Bag of Crystal drop Tricksy Turtle no longer says "Insufficient Space in Inventory" when being opened despite there being space

2018/03/26: [17]

2018/03/19: [18]

2018/03/05: [19]

  • Fix: Suit Armor, Suit Weapon, and other recipes are now counting towards recipe achievements.
    • Raid loot has been readjusted to bring back some items that were removed due to the addition of crystals.

2018/02/20: [20]

  • Item mall: Male and Female Purple Holy Robe, Tyrannosaurus Head, Fish Head, Shark Head

2018/02/12: [21]

2018/02/06: [22]

  • Item mall: Lucky and fortune boxes.

2018/01/02: [23]

2017/12/27: [24]

2017/12/11: [25]

2017/12/04: [26]

  • Item mall: Added SE 9 Pets, Christmas (Male) Lucky Box, Christmas (Female) Lucky Box, direct buy temporary Christmas themed costumes, Gold Black Kimono Costume (M), and Gold White Kimono Costume (M)
  • Christmas patch has been added.
  • Two new Modded costume effects have been added to the game; only the gold wings effect is currently unavailable in the game.
  • Added new armor sets. The recipes are sold from Forge Master.
  • Title system has been re-adjusted.
  • Rewards from completing Lairs have been adjusted.
  • Rings, Talisman, and Necklace items can now be stored into Wardrobe.
  • Monsters below level 60 have their base exp increased.
  • Tier 3 quest rewards have been changed.
  • HLA tool scrolls are now stackable.

2017/11/06: [27] & [28]

2017/10/30: [29]

2017/10/23: [30] & [31]

2017/10/16: [32] & [33]

2017/10/11: [34] & [35]

2017/10/02: [36]

Older patches: See Patch/Suba Games.

IC patches

Wiki patch history began Oct 9, 2012. Links provided are in Chinese. Use Google Translate to read them.


  • Item mall: Modeling weapon IV lucky bag



  • Fix display issues with Blue Mecha Armor II on male Sprites.
  • Item mall: Chasing Shadow Antelope lucky bag



  • Announced item reduction prices for the Aug 29 maintenance.
  • Item mall: Green Cattle lucky bag



  • Event: Father's Day event[38][39] until Sept 5.
  • Fix: Cleansing stones no longer make non-tradable items tradable.
  • Item mall: Yellow butterfly lucky bag.
  • Event Ambassador gives Inside Pandora's Box Charm (allows access to Inside Pandora's Box) until Aug 12 23:59 (when map and item expire).


  • Option to select whether equipment special effects are viewable


  • Item mall: Fire Phoenix lucky bag








  • New daily check-in events (Eversun City, X:168 Y:290) until June 20.
  • New onyxes available in game.
  • Increased number of crystals dropped in instance quests.
  • Item mall: Two Hearts As One lucky bag.


  • Fixed Hot Spring card experience. Doubles experience at 12:00 even if not used at the 21:00 event.


  • Increased team experience, monster experience under level 60 and experience from Hot Spring.
  • Increased the maximum level for some Tier 1 quests.
  • New characters will receive a Newbie Gift Box.


  • Mother's Day events ([42] & [43] until June 6.
  • Added new display option for guild spells when teamed up.
  • Item mall: Black Turtle lucky bag



  • Fix: Jasper II & Azure II modeling weapons are tradable.
  • Fix: Modeling weapon display issues with bows and musical instruments.
  • New instance challenge (Eversun City, X:119 Y:260)
  • Mysterious Dressing-Up Box descriptions display if they have been obtained.
  • Item mall: God of war lucky bag on sale.



  • Fixed usage of moon wolves.




  • Item mall: Bronze beast lucky bag.


  • Fix: Corrected Learned Elder answers.
  • Fix: Adjusted difficulty of Dog War event.
  • Fix: Made magic & physical pendant from event usable.
  • Fix: Duplicate event rewards will stack in inventory when inventory is full.




  • Fix: Duplicate duck boxes can be opened.
  • Fix: Title made Death Knight title scroll usable.
  • Item mall: Increased prize probabilities in the White Tiger lucky bag.


  • Tier 3 quest instances moved to Eversun City instance system and NPCs are removed from their original locations.
  • Fix: Reduced some of the skill levels required for skills above level 70.
  • Item mall: Added White Tiger lucky bag.
  • Item mall: Sales of all 30-day costumes and some permanent costumes will be suspended on Jan 31.


  • Fix: Reduced number of materials required for some alchemy recipes.


  • Added level 65 armor sets.
  • Item mall: Added alpaca lucky bags.





  • Quest: New duck feeding quest.[45] (Eversun City, X: 119 Y:260)
  • Item mall: Added new lucky bags until Dec 27.


  • Title scroll descriptions indicate whether the title has been obtained.
  • Item mall: Added new lucky bags until Nov 15.


  • Recipe descriptions indicate if they have been learned.
  • Skill descriptions indicate if they have been learned.
  • Fix: Fireworks will no longer summon monsters in the Arena and Guild Cottage.




  • Event: Mid-Autumn Festival until Nov 1.
    • 11th DOMO anniversary day event on Oct 4.
  • Item mall: Mid-Autumn lucky bag II on sale until Oct 18.

Older patches: See Patch/IC.

Older versions

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