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Pets are summonable creatures that follow their owner. "Pet" may refer to one of the following:

  • Ruby.png Permanent pets, which show up in the Pet Window. They have loyalty, can be traded through the pet subsection of the trade window, placed in Pet Hibernation Boxes, and can be ridden. There are two types - Evolvable and non-Evolvable.
  • Vanity Box.gif Vanity pets, held in cardboard boxes that are carried in the player's inventory. They provide no combat bonuses, but most can autoloot.
  • Sweetheart Nurse Egg.gif Eggsploiter pets, can be summoned infinitely for free even if they die or despawn, but they have a one hour cooldown on their summon. They are very powerful with a myriad of abilities to assist their owner. The name "Eggsploiter" is normally used to refer to Sara and Meru, although Mirror-Trapped and Almanac monsters have sometimes been referred to as "Eggsploiters" as they cannot be summoned simultaneously with Eggsploiters.
  • Monster capture Mirror-Trapped Monsters, are monsters that have been captured with Trapping Mirrors. They are converted into an egg in the inventory, and can be summoned a single time.
  • Devil Seal Cards system Almanac Monsters, are Mirror-Trapped Monsters that have had their information recorded in the Almanac of Gods and Demons using Devil Sealing Cards. They can be summoned from the tome indefinitely consuming Devil Dust, although low level monsters are free to summon.
  • Pandora's Box Hanging Pandora's Box Monsters, which are captured with Soultrapper Scrolls and sealed in the Pandora's Box Hanging. They can only be summoned while in private instances.
  • Plant Summoning Bug Summoning Bugs, created by Witch Doctors. They stack in the inventory as differently colored bug items. These creepy-crawlies fight using MP, self-destructing once it is all consumed.

Pet Properties[]

Pet Type Permanent Eggsploiter Pandora Bugs Vanity
Evolvable Non-Evolvable Sara/Meru Mirror Almanac
Obtain Method Trade, Purchase Trade, Purchase Mirror-trap Mirror-trap and Seal Soultrap Trade, Plant Summoning Bug Trade, Purchase
Summoning Method Pet Window Egg Almanac Tome Pandora's Box Summoning Bug Pet Box
Summoning Cost None Reusable, 1-Hour Cooldown Single use Devil Dust None Single use None
Despawns No Map change Map change, Exhaustion Map change Map change, 0 MP Map change
On Despawn Can resummon Can resummon Can resummon Can resummon Can resummon Can resummon Can resummon Can resummon
On Death Requires resurrection, loses loyalty upon death Must reobtain Does not die
Combat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Strength Gains experience, Levels up (Max lv.70) Fixed
(lv.15 & 60)
Mimics owner's level
(Max lv.70)*
(Captured Monster's level)
Mimics owner's level N/A
Can revolt No** No No Cannot summon Yes Yes No
Capacity 5 Inventory
(doesn't stack)
Unlimited 1-2 Inventory
(Stacks to 100)
(doesn't stack)
Mountable Yes*** Yes No No No No No No

*Meru is capped at level 40.
**Pets between 20-40 loyalty can run away.
***Jades and Lilies cannot be mounted.


All pets capable of combat have HP and MP just like players do, but it does not regenerate. It can be recovered in the field with pet consumables or the Merchant's Trade Secrets skill tree. Monster pet (Monster-Trapped, Almanac, and Pandor) skills do not cost MP to cast, they only have a cooldown. These monsters always only have 0/0 MP.

When summoned, pets will begin at full health, with the exception of permanent pets. Permanent pet HP and MP is persistant, although they have the exclusive ability to be healed at pet stores or with the Musician's Pet Sounds skill tree.