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Pet Shop Paula
Pet Shop Paula

Race: Sylph
Gender: Female



Pet Shop Paula is a Merchant NPC.

Heal Pet[]

Paula will heal your pet's HP and MP for a fee.

Pet Evolution[]

If you have an evolution stone and your pet has reached level 10, 40 or 60, Paula can evolve your pet to its next form. If your pet can be evolved, the message "Upgradeable" and the stone requirement will be listed in green text. Non-tradable pets as well as level 60 Item Mall pets (Foxes, Pus, and Yun Sheng Beast) can not be upgraded.

Pet Items[]

Item Price
Pet Treat 350
Bow-Wow HP Biscuit 420
Meow Meow MP Treat 420
Elementary Evolution Stone 1000
Pet Saddle 1000