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Upon reaching level 60, you must increase your level caps through potential development. Each job's potential development is independent from each other, although some requirements may only be done once to unlock all classes (such as getting titles rather than collecting items). You can see your progress in the status window (Ctrl + A and click the Attributes tab).

The Potential Development Instructor is located at X:155 Y:172 in Eversun City. Speak to him to unlock a level.

Level 61[]

Meet one of the three conditions:

  • Complete the main quest line.
  • Obtain these five titles from tier 2 quests: Greedy Cat Feeder, Heart-to-Heart Hero, Spirit Medium, Monkey Magnet, Fairy Champion.
  • Obtain these three titles from drill quests: Drill Sergeant, Trailblazer, Charleston Manor Man-at-Arms.

Level 62[]

Meet one of the two conditions:

Level 63[]

Meet one of the two conditions:

Level 64[]

Tigerman Print.png Collect 100 Tigerman Prints (from the Tigerman in Tigerman's Lair).

Level 65[]

Tricksy Tortoise Print.png Collect 100 Tricksy Turtle Prints (from the Tricksy Turtle in Tricksy Turtle's Lair).

Level 66[]

Meet one of the two conditions:

Level 67[]

Meet one of the two conditions:

Level 68[]

Meet one of the two conditions:

Level 69[]

Fiery-Eyed Jimmy Print.gif Collect 100 Fiery-Eyed Jimmy Prints (from Fiery-Eyed Jimmy's Lair).

Level 70[]

Garnet Godwin Print.gif Collect 100 Garnet Godwin Prints (from Garnet Godwin's Lair).

See also[]

Reincarnation to get past level 70.