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The Pu Pet is a Non-Evolvable permanent pet and each one takes up a pet slot in the pet window. There are many different variants, their appearance similar to the Pu family of monsters. They will fight for their owner if ordered, and if they die they will lose loyalty points and require resurrection. It cannot receive experience points, and thus, cannot level or evolve. They can not be leveled by the Tai Chi Mirror. Pu Pets are available in either levels 15 or 60. Only the level 60 Pu pets can be ridden.

Like all permanent pets, they are affected by all Pet Sounds skills. It is possible to rename them by using a Pet Naming Tag. The Pu Pet's skills are that of a Rock Pet of its level. They can not use the special skill taunt that the rock pets have.

Lv. XP HP MP Atk Def Ac Eva M. atk M. def Total XP
60 N/A 5326 665 645 245 48 6 65 71 N/A

Pu Pets include: