Not to be confused with Reincarnation Stones, which are used for Reincarnation.
Rebirth Stone
Rebirth Stone

Race: None
Gender: None



Rebirth Stone is a NPC.

The Rebirth Stone can be found in Darkdale, Eversun City, Collington and Bigbeam City. Clicking on the Stone lets you choose from one of the following actions:

Set Revival Point[edit | edit source]

When you use your Revival Point Portal Penny, it will teleport you to your respective Rebirth Stone in one of the four cities. Selecting this option at one of the Rebirth Stones will choose that city's Stone as your Revival Point. This means that whenever you die and click "Go back to Revival Point," you will be teleported to that stone.

The cost for setting your revival point varies from each city:

Remove Weakness[edit | edit source]

After a death and you are revived at the Rebirth Stone or by the Doctor skill Born Again, you regain your respective amount of HP/MP and a status effect called "Weakness". Weakness Selecting this option at the Rebirth Stone will remove this effect.

This option is free of charge.

Restore Lost Experience[edit | edit source]

This option will only work if you die and your experience points end up in the negative range (for example, you die as a level 23 with 7% experience, you'd respawn at your Revival Point with -3% experience). It costs a certain amount of gold for resetting lost experience. The percentage of experience lost does not matter, as it costs the same to reset from -1% experience as it does to reset from -10%. The higher your level, the more it will cost to reset the experience points.

  • Level 10: 3,000 gold
  • Level 18: 3,000 gold
  • Level 30: 5,000 gold
  • Level 31: 6,000 gold
  • Level 40: 15,000 gold
  • Level 50: 27,000 gold
  • Level 60: 44,000 gold
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