Red Rabbit Pawn

Red Rabbit Soldier

Level 60
Job Commoner
Element Non-Elemental
Skill Soldier's Forward
Behavior Aggro if the player hits monsters of the same type
Capturable Unknown
Location Mount Babel
Experience 24400
Fame None
Quests Collect Mini Carrots Mission
HP 33658
Physical Attack 635
Physical Defense 193
Accuracy 78
Evasion 45
Magic Attack 417
Magic Defense 155
Magic Accuracy 0
Magic Evasion 4
Drop Rate
White CarrotUnknown
Rose PetalsUnknown
Iron Arrow x44Unknown
Pupu Coupon x2Unknown
Wild Pupu CouponUnknown
Turquoise (B)Unknown
Olivine (B)Unknown
Lv8 Puppet Premonition Scroll RecipeUnknown
Lv8 Tinges of Spring Scroll RecipeUnknown
Recipe: Victory Baton
Rose Petals
Iron Arrow x44
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