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Refining Master Liang Bailian
NPC Shura Male 4

Race: Shura
Gender: Male



Refining Master Liang Bailian is a Merchant NPC.

Refining Master Liang Bailian will refine armors, weapons, and shields into ores used for High level alchemy. To refine an item, it must be at least level 30 and have full durability.

  • Item does not need to have its max durability. This means you can repair an item then be able to refine it.
  • Weapons can be upgraded to 30+ and be used.
    • e.g. A level 20 sword can be upgraded to level 30 and then refined.
  • Shields made by Construct Coin Shield (Merchant) can also be refined.
  • It costs 1.5k~22.5k to get an item refined.
  • You will receive a random number of an ore when the item is refined.
    • Higher level items have a chance to give more ores
    • Higher level items have a better chance to give better ores in its range
      • e.g. Level 63 coin shield has a better chance to give diamond ore than a 58 shield, and both have a better chance to give them than a 53 shield.

The Ores you can get from different level items include:

Level Ore
30-50 Bronze Ore
33-50 Iron Ore
48-50 Silver Ore
50+ Steel Ore
50+ Alloy Ore
50+ Diamond Ore
70+ Crystal Ore, Sky Crystal Ore
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