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Refresh Merchant
Refresh Merchant

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:112 Y:267)



Refresh Merchant is a Merchant NPC.

Suit Refresh information[]

  • Statistics on Legendary Weapons and Legendary Armors can be rolled again if they don't fit what the player wanted. Rolling statistics need a Refresh Stone. You can lock statistics you want to keep with Normal Lock Stone and Rare Lock Stone.
  • If your stats are over 1/20, the level is kept in the process. For example, if you have an Atk stat at 5/20 and you roll it and get a M.atk stat, then it is still 5/20.
  • Slots, onyxes, gold stats also remain after the process.

Costume Refresh information[]

Note : If the stone you using is Not Tradeable but your equipment is tradeable, it will become Not Tradeable upon the refreshing process.