NPC Sylph Male 11

Race: Sylph
Gender: Male


Foggy Forest (X:93 Y:403)

  • Red and White Lucky Magnet Peach Mission

Reginald is a Quest NPC.

This is an instance quest, meaning you will face monsters in a plot event instead of randomly on the map. To start this quest you must have one of the following:

Red and White Lucky Peach MissionEdit

The goal of this mission is to protect Reginald from being hit by the monkeys, so you will need at least one team member with Mock Monsters.

  • Stage 1: Nine level 53 Branch Monkeys with 22,242 HP each.
  • Stage 2: Nine level 55 White Monkeys with 47,440 HP each.
  • Stage 3: One level 57 Wild Monkey Leader Boss with 482,267 HP. He summons 9 to 10 monsters from the previous stages.

When finished, retrieve the rewards from the Chest or click the World Mirror to leave the event.


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