Rescue Team Leader
NPC Human Male 29

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Eversun South (X:626 Y:441)

  • Delivering First Aid Supplies

Rescue Team Leader is a Quest NPC.

Speak to Rescue Team Leader to start his tasks. You must be at least level 35.

Most of the quests are timed and make use of the Mission Journal's (Ctrl+C) autowalk function.

After each task, return to Rescue Team Leader for your rewards

  • Note: to help speed things up, you may talk to Rescue Team Leader while in flight mode.


  1. Time limit: 5 min 50 sec. Rescue Team Leader gives you a Can Gathering Bag Package. Fill it up with 20 Nutrition Can by killing Forest Kuku Papa.
  2. Time limit: 9 min 50 sec. Rescue Team Leader asks you to deliver the food to his team in Blakatoa. Find the Rescue Team Member at X:495 Y:541. You can fly while talking.
  3. Time limit: 16 min 50 sec. Rescue Team Leader gives you an Iron Pick Pecking Pick. Fly to East Sea Plain and land at the landing spot near the Cemetery, use autowalk to get to the dig spot at X:284 Y:379.
  4. Time limit: 7 min 50 sec. Rescue Team Leader gives you an Empty Bottle Bottle for some water from the well in Eversun South. Fly to the north west landing spot to land, autowalk to X:286 Y:137 and use the bottle.
  5. No Time limit. Go to Grassgreen Square and collect 15 Bandages in the First Aid Box Collection Box from Ivy Spirit.
  6. Time limit: 15 min 50 sec. Go to Grassgreen Square and show the Rescue Letter Invitation to the Surgeon at X:249 Y:243. You can fly while talking.
  7. Time limit: 9 min 50. Collect 3 Green Herbs with a Gathering Knife Vagabon Saber. Fly to Blakatoa and land at the road to Grassgreen Square, go to X:451 Y:618 and use the knife 3 times to gather all the herbs.
  8. Time limit: 8 min 50 sec. Collect 20 Jewels in a Jewel Orchid Gathering Bag Package. Kill Orange Whipping Grass in Blakatoa to get the jewels. Warning: Rescue Team Leader asks you to go to Swan Lake Basin, this is a typo: you need to go to Blakatoa in order to get the drops.
  9. Time limit: 12 min 10. Deliver a Bag of Herbs Package to the Surgeon in Placid Plain at X:203 Y:473. You can fly while talking.
  10. No Time limit. Kill 15 Lazy-Eyed Lizard in Blakatoa.


  • Each quest gives:
  • After the 5th and 10th quests you will additionally receive:
    • 45,000 Experience Points (instead of 27,500)
    • 8 Devil Dusts
  • After completing the 10th quest you will also receive:

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