Road Run Organizer
NPC Sprite Female 4

Race: Sprite
Gender: Female


Placid Plain (X:509 Y:332)

  • Road Run Qualification Race

Road Run Organizer is a Quest NPC.

Speak to Road Run Organizer to start her tasks. You must be at least level 30.

Most of the quests are timed and make use of the Mission Journal's (Ctrl+C) autowalk function. Manually walking to the spots may not register the task as complete.

After each task, return to Road Run Organizer for your rewards.


  1. Time limit: 11 min 30 sec: Go to Copperhorn Mountain and land in the center landing spot. In your Mission Journal, select the quest under Loop Missions and click the button that says 1. This will autowalk you to X:441 Y:398, where you will use the No.1 Red Flag. If successful, it will say completed.Red Flag
  2. Time limit: 11 min 20 sec: Go to Eversun South and land south of Pandora's Platform. Autowalking through the mission journal takes you to X:242 Y:401. Use the No.2 Red Flag.Red Flag
  3. Time limit: 13 min 10 sec: Go to Collington and speak to Road Run Staff at X:245 Y:303 (near the Ironmonger). Return the Race Card to the Organizer.Ticket
  4. Time limit: 18 min 50 sec: Go to Swan Lake Basin and land in Tranquilton. Autowalk to X:381 Y:449 and use the No.3 Red Flag.Red Flag
  5. This task is not timed. You are given a Strong Metal Cage. Go to Giantwood Forest and capture 5 Banana Monkeys using the Strong Metal Cage as a Monster Capture mirror. Bring the 5 Tamed Banana Monkeys to the Organizer.Glue Trap
  6. Time limit: 17 min 50 sec: Go to Eversun City. Autowalk to X:258 Y:284 near Player Community 1 and use the No.1 Blue Flag.Blue Flag
  7. Time limit: 14 min 20 sec: Go to the Eversun South Mining Area. Autowalk to the Dig Location at X:544 Y:574 and use the Iron Pick.Pecking Pick
  8. Time limit: 10 min 50 sec: Go to Giantwood Forest and land at the middle landing pad. Autowalk to X:308 Y:326 and use the No.2 Blue Flag.Blue Flag
  9. Time limit: 15 min 30 sec: Go to Darkdale and land at the southern landing pad. Autowalk to X:289 Y:325 and use the No.3 Blue Flag.Blue Flag
  10. This task is not timed. Go to Giantwood Forest and kill Divine Kuku Eggs to get 15 Divine Kuku Egg Feathers in a Collection Box.Collection Box


  • Each quest gives:
  • After the 5th and 10th quests you will additionally recieve:
    • 40,000 Experience Points (instead of 23,000)
    • 6 Devil Dust
  • After completing the 10th quest you will also recieve:

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