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Royal Aide
NPC Sprite Female 1

Race: Sprite
Gender: Female


Collington (X:511 Y:481)


Mirror King Judgment Hunt

Royal Aide is a Quest NPC.

Required level: 15

This NPC hosts the Mirror King Judgement Hunt event with the three Mirror Kings.

The event is a trivia game.

When you register (up to 5 minutes before the event starts), you must choose one of 10 available "rooms" in which to participate in the event. Each room will list the number of current occupants (other players) in that room, if any. The exit of each room is a red crystal. If you leave the room, you may still re-enter it or any other available room so long as the event has not yet started. If you leave the room at any time during the event, you may not continue the event, and you will not receive any Daily Event Scrolls (see below).

A question is asked and an answer is provided. The answer is either true or false.

You have twenty seconds to stand within the correct district. The X district indicates a false answer and the O district indicates a true answer. You will be asked 20 questions.

Each correct answer grants increasing amounts of experience points. Each incorrect answer causes a punishment debuff that greatly slows your speed. Pure Speed skills like Fast Getaway and Speeding Ticket can not cover this debuff, but it stacks with indirect speed increasing skills like Diligent Ditty and Goose Formation. Riding a pet also increases speed. It is possible to reach the other district even with the debuff. A correct answer will remove the debuff. If you are in the process of activating any skill (ie: your casting time meter is visible) at the moment the debuff would be applied for an incorrect answer, the debuff will not be applied at all. Answering incorrectly does not restart your XP increments.

Being outside of a district at the end of the twenty seconds is automatically incorrect.

At the end of the event, you will also be rewarded 1 or more Daily Event Scrolls. Twenty correct answers awards 4 scrolls; Nineteen correct answers awards 3 scrolls; Eighteen correct answers awards 2 scrolls; Seventeen or fewer correct answers awards 1 scroll.

Each Mirror King (random every few days, from Clever King to King Colette, to Chasm King, depending on which room you have chosen) promises a special reward to anyone that answers all of the questions correctly. (This is not implemented yet.)

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