Race: Human
Gender: Female


Swan Lake Basin (X:582 Y:355)

  • Exterminate Lil' Dairy Pu
  • Exterminate Pure White Pupu
  • Exterminate Dairy Pu Mama
  • Exterminate Dairy Pu Dada

Sasha is a Quest NPC.

Suggested level: 11

Mission given by: Sasha

Location: Swan Lake Basin 582,355

Mission briefing: The daughter of the Tranquilton headman is looking for a hero from Eversun City to come save her village. Tranquilton was once a very beautiful place, but a long time ago, a village girl fell in love with a boy from outside the village. Her father refused to let them marry and the girl eventually drowned herself in the river. The boy turned out to be the Water God from the Neptune's Temple. In his fury, he turned the village's cattle into rampaging monsters so travelers would no longer come to Tranquilton. Years later, only the old and weak are left. A hero is needed to destroy these monsters and restore prosperity to Tranquilton.

Exterminate Lil' Dairy Pu[edit | edit source]

Defeat Lil' Dairy Pu (Level 10 Recommended)

Defeat 40 Lil' Dairy Pu.


Exterminate Pure White Pupu[edit | edit source]

Defeat Pure White Pupu (Level 11 Recommended)

Defeat 40 Pure White Pupu.


Exterminate Dairy Pu Mama[edit | edit source]

Defeat Dairy Pu Mama (Level 13 Recommended)

Defeat 40 Dairy Pu Mama.


Exterminate Dairy Pu Dada[edit | edit source]

Defeat Dairy Pu Dada (Level 15 Recommended)

Defeat 40 Dairy Pu Dada


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