Scholarly Hermit
NPC Sylph Male 12

Race: Sylph
Gender: Male


Blakatoa Peak (X:92 Y:278)

  • Fairy Champion

Scholarly Hermit is a Quest NPC.

Suggested level: 53

This is an instance quest, meaning you will face monsters in a plot event instead of randomly on the map. To start this quest you must have one of the following:

Your team will have 60 minutes to complete the entire quest. If you do not beat a stage within 5 minutes, the monsters will respawn. There is no loss of experience or weakness upon death.


  • Stage 1: Nine level 54 Blazing Flame Scorpions (Merchant, Fire, with 22,460 HP). They prevent the use of skills so only physical attack is possible.
  • Stage 2: Nine level 55 Minotaur Minions (Martial Artist, Earth, with 26,092 HP).
  • Stage 3: Nine level 55 Maniacal Minotaurs (Martial Artist, Fire with 52,664 HP).
  • Stage 4: One level 56 Steel Scorpion (Merchant, Non-Elemental with 487,483 HP). He summons mobs from the previous stages as well as level 53 Minotaurs. He also uses a strong AoE HP loss debuff: the spell takes a few seconds to be casted, so it is possible to outrun it if you do not have Detox.

When finished, retrieve the rewards from the Chest or click the World Mirror to leave the event.


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