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Counter-attack Although there exists a slot for a counter-attack set, SoftStar has removed it from the game.[1] It was originally for the P2P version.[2]

Subbing skills

Other than the Commoner class which can take up to three active and passive sets, all jobs may sub up to two active and passive sets from another class. Thus, a Thief could sub Blademaster's Martyr Arts and Doctor's Medical Treatment as active skills, while subbing Commoner Skills and Equip Light Armor as passive. In order to sub them, you need to talk to the Naturally-Gifted Man, if you have not already did it upon changing jobs with the Careers Advisor.

Skill points

It is possible to increase your skill points for all of your classes other than leveling by using springs. The ones rewarded by completing a Life Quest, which are non-tradable, give 5 skill points, while springs purchased from the Item Mall give 2 skill points every 2 levels of your character (i.e. at level 60, a 25 skill points can be "bought"). Commoner's Springs are the only springs that can be obtained via other means than completing a Life Quest.

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