Sneaky Peak

Map of Sneaky Peak



Name X Y
Benny Marshall 591 573
Forestry Merchant 401 550
Mining Merchant 297 440
Pasture Merchant 528 519


Name Job Level Element
Pink Mini Moth Fairy Musician 60 Non-Elemental
Divine Male Bird of Paradise Fencer 62 Water Water
Wise Monkey Hunter 63 Wood Wood
Divine Female Bird of Paradise Wizard 64 Water Water
Baby Butterfly Fairy Doctor 65 Water Water
Windy Wolf Thief 66 Wood Wood
White Bear Martial Artist 67 Water Water


Name Job Level Element
Wise White Monkey Hunter 68 Wood Wood
Baby Blue Butterfly Fairy Doctor 72 Non-Elemental

Collection zones

The coordinates listed are only one possible position in the collection zone where you can harvest the materials. You can collect the same materials in surroundings areas and find a NPC for collection tools and refinement, unless stated otherwise.

All collection zones have a high rate of failure.

Sneaky Peak Forestry markForestry 5-6
X:404 Y:564
Herding markHerding 5-6
X:532 Y:512
Mining markMining 5-6
X:292 Y:428
Collection mark = Collection zone     Collection mark 2 = Collection zone with no NPC for tools and refinement in proximity
Collection Level - material X Y
Forestry Forestry mark Forestry 5 - Pear Lumber
6 - Cedar Lumber
404 564
Herding Herding mark Herding 5 - Rabbit Skin
6 - Rawhide
532 512
Mining Mining mark Mining 5 - Cassiterite
6 - Rough Gemstone
292 428


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