NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Southern Vermilion Lair is located at (X:528 Y:110) in Southern Vermilion Bird Tower, through a red crystal.

Like Northern Turtle Lair, this first crystal is the entrance to the lair itself, so the time will start counting down as soon as it's opened.

This lair also doesn't give any kind of prints.

There are 5 different floors to climb. To advance to the next one, you need to kill the mini bosses in each one of them to progress to the next one.


  • Climb up to the fifth floor and defeat Southern Vermilion.
  • Defeat all of the mini bosses on each floor to advance.

First FloorEdit

There are two mini bosses, one on each side.


Name Job Level Element
Rune Eagle (Lair) Martial Artist 81 Fire Fire
Classic Eagle (Lair) Shaman 82 Fire Fire
Crimson Eagle (Lair) Witch Doctor 83 Fire Fire
Tower-Patrolling Spirit Blademaster 84 Water Water
Giant Caskmaster (Lair) Martial Artist 84 Fire Fire
Mega Mystery Mouse (Lair) Merchant 84 Fire Fire

Second FloorEdit

Similar to the first floor where there are two mini bosses. Vermilion Bird Servant Shadow will spawn Berserk Crimson Spirit Eggs.


Name Job Level Element
Flame Eagle (Lair) Blademaster 83 Fire Fire
Blue Feather Devil Bird Fencer 84 Fire Fire
Fire Feather Devil Bird (Lair) Hunter 84 Fire Fire
Wicked Wolf Despot Mercenary 77 Fire Fire
Tower-Patrolling Spirit Blademaster 84 Water Water
Vermilion Bird Servant Shadow Musician 84 Fire Fire
Berserk Crimson Spirit Egg Commoner 80 Fire Fire

Third FloorEdit

This floor is basically a harder version of the Southern Vermilion Bird Tower Secret Chamber instance.


Name Job Level Element
Rune Firebird Shaman 85 Fire Fire

Fourth FloorEdit

Vermilion Bird Servant will spawn Firecrackers under players, which will explode causing AoE damage after 10 seconds.


Name Job Level Element
Vermilion Bird Servant Boss 85 Fire Fire

Fifth FloorEdit

The fifth floor is the final boss, Southern Vermilion itself. It will also spawn Firecrackers under players.


Name Job Level Element
Southern Vermilion Boss 85 Fire Fire


  • Since almost everything is Fire element, Water countermeasures are very effective, such as Secrets of the Water Spirit.
  • Wicked Wolf Despot is not required to be killed in order to advance to the next floor, but it will still drop an onyx chest.
  • Berserk Crimson Spirit Eggs can explode after a while. Either kill them before they do or have someone kite them.
  • On Rune Firebird, pay close attention to your buffs. If Rune Firebird says "1, 2, 3, fire man. You move, people die." and have a debuff called "Black Fire Infusion", moving will cause you to explode, hurting you and everyone else around you.
  • There is a statue on Rune Firebird's floor that you should click. It will grant 1000% extra HP and 200 Water defense for 45 seconds with a cooldown of 1 minute and 30 seconds after it ends.
  • Southern Vermilion has a large and powerful AoE that is signaled as a blue circle. You only have a few seconds to run out of it, otherwise you might suffer instant death.
  • Tower-Patrolling Spirits are particularly fast attackers. Make sure they aren't on anyone squishy.
  • On Vermilion Bird Servant and Southern Vermilion, always keep running away from nearby Firecrackers, but don't panic. They have a short explosion radius.
  • Vermilion Bird Servant Shadow, Vermilion Bird Servant & Southern Vermilion they have a normal attack reflect, making it hard for melee jobs such as Blademasters to succeed.
    • Purify is highly recommended for dispelling the reflect buff.
    • You can tell if their reflect is up when they cast a red animated version of Frog Forcefield.
    • Southern Vermilion reflect buff cast when their HP 10% remains for 30 Sec duration and its cannot be dispelled.


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