NPC Human Male 28

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Darkdale (X:259 Y:315)


The Number Two Swordsman

Southpaw is a Quest NPC.

You must be at least level 55.

Your progress will be recorded on LV60 Weapon Scroll Even the best needs help.

BugBug! After turning in the 5th mission, your character may become unable to move. Relogging seems to be the only solution should this happen.


Return to Southpaw to turn in and end each task.

  1. Time limit: 30 min: Get 1 Emerald by killing Hardcore Stones in Canute Canal (Blakatoa).
  2. Time limit: 25 min: Get 3 Tanned Hides From Hell by killing Menacing Minotaur Soldiers in Town-God Temple.
  3. Time limit: 20 min: Get 4 Golden Snake Skins by killing Gold Snakes in Dragon's Den.
  4. Time limit: 20 min: Get 4 Crystal Snake Skins by killing Blue Water Snakes in Dragon's Den.
  5. No Time limit: Talk to Leatherworker in Eversun City (X:176 Y:92) to get Fancy Handbag.
  6. Time limit: 15 min: Fly to the portal near the bridge and go to X:416 Y:176 in Dragon's Den. Use the quest item to obtain 1 Bandit's Jewelry Box.
  7. Time limit: 25 min: Get 1 Jewelry Box Key by killing Bandit Chiefs in Dragon's Den.
  8. Time limit: 20 min: Trap 1 Dark Noisy Snake (appears between 18:00 to 8:00 or 6:00 to 20:00 in-game time) in Dragon's Den (using the quest item).
  9. Time limit: 15 min: Trap 1 Frost Ladybug in Bigbeam (using the quest item).
  10. No Time limit: Trap 1 Pupu in Eversun South (using the quest item).


  • Each quest gives:
  • After the 5th and 10th quests you will additionally receive:
    • 58,000 Experience Points (instead of 42,500)
    • 16 Devil Dusts
  • After completing the 10th quest you will also receive:
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