This pet has been removed from the game. It was exclusive to the Aeria Games version but was removed with a patch.

Spectre Protector

Specter Protector.gif The Spectre Protector, also referred to as the Bodyguard, was an eggsploiter pet. The coding for the pet was removed from the game in 2010 and could no longer be summoned properly.

History[edit | edit source]

Aeria, the only version to have the Spectre Protector, released it in a permanent and tradable form. It was first available on December 19, 2008 through a spender promotion and was awarded to the top 30 spenders.[1] On January 9, 2009 it was available for purchase directly from the web Item Mall.

With producer Clementine's return, on March 8, 2009 the Spectre was pulled from the Item Mall and consumers who bought them directly from the Item Mall or via promo were compensated with 1000 AP and a costume.[2] Trading in the Spectre Protector for a Meru Pet or Ma Ci Vanity pet was possible between May 6 and May 13, 2009.

The pet, a project of a Softstar programmer, was still in development and had a level cap of 50. Skills and weapons for the Spectre Protector could only be purchased through the web Item Mall. With the March 4, 2009 update, the Spectre Protector was unable to learn new skills.

Leveling the Spectre[edit | edit source]

  • Lv1 ~ Lv5: Pupu Coupon x5
  • Lv5 ~ Lv10: Pupu Coupon x10
  • Lv10 ~ Lv15: Pupu Coupon x20
  • Lv15 ~ Lv20: Flying Pupu Coupon x10
  • Lv20 ~ Lv25: Silver Medallion + Flying Pupu Coupon x10
  • Lv25 ~ Lv30: Silver Medallion x2 + Flying Pupu Coupon x20
  • Lv30 ~ Lv35: Silver Medallion x3 + Flying Pupu Coupon x30
  • Lv35 ~ Lv40: Silver Medallion x2 + Flying Pupu Coupon x30 + Wild Pupu Coupon x10
  • Lv40 ~ Lv45: Silver Medallion x3 + Pupu Coupon x40 + Flying Pupu Coupon x30 + Wild Pupu Coupon x10
  • Lv45 ~ Lv50: Silver Medallion x3 + Pupu Coupon x50 + Flying Pupu Coupon x35 + Wild Pupu Coupon x10

Spectre Protector Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Stats Requirements Model
Heavy Knife Physical attack +75 None Chef's Knife.gif Chef's Knife
Bloodletting Blade Physical attack +15, attack rating +10 None Blood-Stained Knife.gif Blood-Stained Knife (Lv70 P2P)
Dagger HP +300, physical attack +100 Green one only Beginner's Dagger.gif Beginner's Dagger
Bright Blade HP +200, physical defense +15 None Bandit Blade.gif Bandit Blade
Venon Knife Attack +10, evasion +15, magic evasion +15 None Noxious Knife.gif Noxious Knife
Frostbane Short Sword Magic attack +15, magic accuracy +10 None Icicle.gif Master Icicle
Green Gladius Physical attack +10, critical +15 None Sickly-Green Stiletto.gif Sickly-Green Stiletto
Lion's Roar Sword HP +200, magic defense +15 None Mane Machete.gif Mane Machete

Spectre Protector Skills[edit | edit source]

Spectre Protector Skill.gif

  • Insight: Same as Hunter's Sneak Peek skill.
  • Blaster: Single target magic attack skill.
  • Lure: Taunt skill
  • Paralyze: An attack that makes an enemy unable to attack for 3 sec.
  • Pump it Up!: Offensive buff that increases attack power by 15% over a period of time.
  • Fence of Defense: Defensive buff that increases physical and magical defense by 10% for a period of time.
  • Collateral Damage: Bodyguard Area of Effect Skill.
  • Shadow Stitch: Binds an enemy to the ground so they are unable to move for 3 sec.

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