Spirit Gang Lealy
Spirit Gang Lealy

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Phoenix Tower (X:130 Y:121)


Demon Tower

Spirit Gang Lealy is a Quest NPC. He is located at X:130 Y:121 in Phoenix Tower, near the entrance. This is an instance quest. The leader of the team receives a Stone of Memory. Stone of Memory

Tasks[edit | edit source]


  • Monsters' levels are different depending on your party and your character's level, approximately in groups of 1-50, 51-60, and 61+ respectively.
  • Blue crystals advance to normal floor, Black crystals advance to boss fight, Red crystals take you back to entrance.
  • Changing floor levels removes the Fire of Spirits from your inventory.
  • Monsters may drop Bronze Treasure Boxes, Silver Treasure Boxes, and Golden Treasure Boxes. You will need to visit Spirit Gang Key Dealer to get the keys to unlock them. Bosses will always drop a treasure box.
  • Save your progress at every Memory Seal Platform in case bugs happen or if you don't have time to continue at the moment. This instance quest can be very tedious to do in one sitting.
  • Do NOT AoE near the pillars or any other key objects. They may not appear to take damage, but they can glitch out and "die", forcing you to start over to your last save point.

First floor[edit | edit source]

  • Mob: Male Spirit Bird of Paradise (level 40/50/60, Non-Elemental Fencer)
    • Level 40 Males have 47,658 HP, Level 50 have 61,516 HP, and level 60 have 74,747 HP
  • Use 10 Fire of Spirits on the first Mysterious Pillar.
    • Short cut scene, wall of fire disappears.
  • Use 30 Fire of Spirits on the second Mysterious Pillar, next wall of fire disappears.

Second floor[edit | edit source]

  • Mob: Female Spirit Bird of Paradise (level 41/51/61, Non-Elemental Thief)
    • Level 41 Females have 68,621 HP, Level 51 have 88,304 HP, and Level 61 have 107,099 HP
  • Use 50 Fire of Spirits on the Mysterious Pillar, wall of fire disappears.
  • 2nd Floor Boss Fight: Phoenix (level 45/55/65, Fire Boss)
  • 2nd Floor Continued:
    • You will find a Memory Seal Platform to your right to record your progress.
    • Possible Bug: If you complete the Phoenix fight, and you still see the roaring flame pillars blocking your way, remember to save your progress then try going back. The flames should be gone.
    • Turn the 3 Xuantian Cauldrons one at a time so they face the Demon Seal Platform in the center, talking to the platform to see if the Xuantian Cauldron is faced correctly. (It'll have a special effect appear).
    • Cutscene after all 3 are correct, multiple Magic Turtle Guard and Devil Snake Guard will be spawned along with a Seal Tortoise and Seal Sky Snake. Only need to kill the Seal Sky Snake and Seal Tortoise to get to the next floor. The guards will keep respawning even if killed and they don't disapear after killing the bosses.

Third floor[edit | edit source]

Fourth floor[edit | edit source]

Fifth floor[edit | edit source]

  • You will find a Memory Seal Platform to your right to record your progress after walking through the exit crystal.
  • There are lion statues and a Mysterious Pillar. Touch the Pillar and a cutscene will play. Main player will be trapped inside a cage on the tree in the middle of the room, a party member needs to destroy the Fire Cauldron that appears in the room to free the player. If the player is soloing the tower, they will instead be blinded, having their accuracy, evasion, and field of vision dropped. The statues will start coming to life as Demon Tower Stone Lions (level 45/55/65, Non-Elemental Hunter). After killing all 18, the exit crystal will appear and you can proceed to sixth floor.

Sixth floor[edit | edit source]

  • Mob: Centipede Demon (level 46/56/66, Non-Elemental Martial Artist)
  • Use 50 Fire of Spirits on the Mysterious Pillar

Seventh floor[edit | edit source]

Eighth floor[edit | edit source]

  • Record your progress on the Memory Seal Platform.
  • Mob: Vampire Bat (level 47/57/67, Non-Elemental Dancer)
  • Click on the Stele to learn an equation in a form of: "red x blue - yellow + green = Random Number". There are 4 Mysterious Pillars, each highlighted at the base with different colors (same colors as the Souls). Collect the Souls and fill the Pillars with the correct number of each to make the correct equation. After filling the pillars with the right amount of each soul talk to Ancient Stele again and choose "Turn on the switch". If the amount is correct a crystal taking you to next floor will apear between the Pillars. If you made a mistake you can clear the Pillars of the Souls by picking the other option in the Ancient Stele dialogue box. Note: You won't get the Souls back.
  • Boss Fight:
  • 8th Floor Continued:
    • Record your progress on Memory Seal Platform.
    • Mob: Flower Spirit (level 49/59/69, Non-Elemental Dancer)
    • Optional Puzzles: Note: You only get one try for the Mirror of Wisdom and Zither of Eternity. Saving your time and leaving the tower will reset everything, and you can make another try. You can read the writing on the cauldron for some hints to the puzzles if you like.
      • Bell of Sacrifice: Use spirits on the Bell of Sacrifice (random number 1-300) until you hear a gong.
      • Tower of Strength: Attack it till it has less than 10,000 HP.
      • Zither of Eternity: Click Zither of Eternity at exactly midnight or noon, DOMO time depending on your physical location. If Town God Temple opens at night for you, click at midnight. If it opens during the day, click at noon. 00:00 or 12:00 in-game time
      • Mirror of Wisdom: Multiple choice questions:
        • Question 1 - How many spikes on the Chasm Kings back? (7)
        • Question 2 - What is King Collette's Zodiac Sign? (Rat)
        • Question 3 - What is the name of Black Widow's Son? (Octavius)
        • Question 4 - Who is not a registrar or assistant in eversun city (Couple Assistant)
        • Question 5 - Until now, which boss did not exist in Demon's Tower? (Lightning Spirit Queen)

Final floor[edit | edit source]

Note: You really only need to defeat Heretic Demon Caller if you let the other bosses spawn.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Guide[edit | edit source]

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