Spooky Bottom

Map of Spooky Bottom

Spooky Bottom is an area within Eversun City. This can be accessed by talking to Clever King's secretary on top of the Planetarium (X:257 Y:202).

To gain access and remain inside the map, you need the Blessing of Clever King buff, obtained by using a Token of Clever King. If a player enters Spooky Bottom without the Clever King's Blessing buff, they will be removed almost instantly.

The main purpose of this map is for leveling up. All of the monsters in this area are taken from other areas but have their base EXP value doubled. None of these monsters drop Gemstones nor can spawn an asterisk version of themselves.

There is a red teleport crystal that players can use to teleport to any area of monsters except for Caskmasters and Crimson Globs, allowing for easier (and in some cases, safer) travel. This crystal can also allow you to create an instance with any of the mobs from Spooky Bottom with a password, so that only you and others who know the password can enter. The downside to this is that the area is smaller (since there is a barrier), the amount of monsters is smaller, and there are no Benny Marshalls. These instances last up to a total of 6 hours. Players can leave the instances through the same red crystal. Leaders of a team can close the instance.

EXP loss upon death in Spooky Bottom is 10% like normal, but in instances it is a 1% loss instead.


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 305 68
Benny Marshall 291 301
Benny Marshall 153 143
Red Teleport Crystal 304 70


Name Job Level Element
Caskmaster Martial Artist 20 Non-Elemental
Crimson Glob Thief 29 Water
Man-Eating Zombie Dancer 31 Metal
Fugitive Commoner 42 Non-Elemental
War Wolf Fencer 43 Fire
Dark Noisy Snake Musician 54 Water
Flying Noisy Snake Wizard 55 Water
Grizzly Bear Martial Artist 67 Earth
Tortoise Commoner 70 Water
Northern Turtle Legionary Hunter 74 Water
Crystal Shield Northern Turtle Soldier Blademaster 76 Water
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