Stupid Cat
Stupid Cat

Race: Firebat Cat
Gender: Unknown


Canute Canal (Blakatoa) (X:106 Y:54)

  • Rainbow Trout Steak Collection Mission
  • Fish Bone Collection Mission
  • Flying Fish Roe Collection Mission
  • Mouse Gallbladder Collection Mission

Stupid Cat is a Quest NPC. He gives the following quests stored on a Special Fish Porridge Recipe.

Suggested level: 43

Mission briefing: I am honored that King Tiger asked me, the Stupid Cat, to run an errand, but I have forgotten where to find the ingredients! Oh, what do I do? His Majesty's son is really picky about his food as well! If I make something that he doesn't like, I'm not sure that I will live to tell the tale!

Rainbow Trout Steak Collection MissionEdit

Collect 80 Rainbow Trout Steaks by killing Rainbow Trouts.


Note: Must be level 36 to get Experience

Fish Bone Collection MissionEdit

Collect 40 Fish Bone by killing Female Stonefishs.


Note: Must be Level 38 to get xp

Flying Fish Roe Collection MissionEdit

Collect 40 Flying Fish Roe by killing Female Stonefish Spirits.

  • Tips: The best spot is around X:256 Y:282. But remember that Amphibious Bullcarp have a spawn there.


Note: Must be level 40 to get the xp

Mouse Gallbladder Collection MissionEdit

Collect 30 Mouse Gallbladder by killing Raging Rats. Must complete all 3 of Stupid Cat's other quests to unlock this mission.

  • Tips: The best spot is around X:200 Y:256. But remember bring your Doctor Subs or Nurse Sara so you can survive.


Note: Must be level 42 to get the xp

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